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10 Reasons Why a Social Media Detox Is Good for You

10 Reasons Why a Social Media Detox Is Good for You

Hello friends, welcome to rkwebnews, today we will know 10 such reasons why a social media detox is good for you.

If you feel that the habits of using technical devices like laptops, mobiles, tablets, etc. have gone beyond your control, if you check your phone every 5 minutes or as soon as it beeps, you can see it. If you get distracted and your family and your friends are very upset with this habit, then the time has come for you to do a “digital detox ie social media detox”.

Social media detox doesn’t mean you turn off your mobile for 1 or 2 hours, it just means the tech world like; Shifting focus from a laptop, mobile, tablet, etc. to the finer things in life wherein you can leave your phone and focus on more new things in life. You may not realize it, but spending endless hours staring at a screen isn’t good for your mental or physical health, hence the need for a digital detox.

Due to more use of social media, some people feel more comfortable in the virtual world than in real life. They can express their feelings easily through social media. On the contrary, they start feeling uncomfortable in front of their family or friends. Due to excessive use of social media, many types of diseases begin to surround due to changing lifestyles. To get rid of all this and move towards a normal life, social media detox becomes necessary.

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10 Reasons Why a Social Media Detox Is Good for You

1. Social media is causing depression among youth

Using or getting addicted to social media too much is making us sick. Social media was initially a means of connecting easily. At the same time, now it has become a source of depression and anxiety. Today, social media is proving to be dangerous for our personal life, relationships, and health as well. Some studies have reported that social media is leading to depression in adolescents and youth. 75% of youth under the age of 25 are in the grip of depression. It is also affecting our sleep. In such a situation, social media is also becoming a big reason for mental tension. Therefore, we must detoxify the negative effects of excessive use of social media.

2. More comfortable in the virtual world than detox is necessary

Now the question arises: what is social media detox? When we start sharing our feelings, our activities, happiness, troubles more than necessary through social media and start cutting off from people in practical life, then suppose the need for detox has come. Social media detox is about meeting people in real life cut off from the virtual world of social media, giving more time to family, listening to loved one’s face-to-face, and telling them your own. Social media detox is the only way to stay connected with real-life with minimal use of mobile. When you start feeling more comfortable being alone and connecting with people through social media, then let’s say you need a detox. Some people get away from their loved ones because of this and start being surrounded by a feeling of insecurity due to loneliness.

3. Online-offline personality seems to be different

For social media detox, it is most important that you use your smartphone at least or when it is very important. If you have a habit of working on mobile even while sleeping, checking your mobile as soon as you wake up in the morning, then it is important to take steps for social media to detox immediately. In many people, due to being engaged in social media, there is a loss of appetite or the habit of overeating. At the same time, some people start using alcohol, tobacco more during the use of social media. Due to being busy with social media till late at night, some people find it difficult to get up in the morning. Due to the excessive use of social media, the online and offline personalities of some people are completely different. Such people should adopt social media detox without delay.

4. Excess information becomes the cause of stress

On social media, some people write only what others like in the circle of more likes. In such a situation, gradually they start losing their identity, thinking, and personality. Some people start becoming self-centered due to likes and comments. Its effect is visible in his real life as well. Excess information or fake information received on social media damages mental peace. Too much information, gossip, and false news lead to stress first and depression later.

5. Improves Body Posture

Staying on a laptop, mobile for hours has a bad effect on physical posture, and the posture of your spine, neck, and whole-body deteriorates. It also causes pain in the whole body. Minimal use of digital equipment keeps your spine healthy and complaints like back pain reduced.

6. To improve concentration

You must be very proud of yourself when your friends appreciate your multitasking skills or you love to see that you got things done at once, right? But you know that multitasking skills sometimes spoil the quality of work. People often do their best work when they focus on one thing. If you look at your phone while doing some important work, then obviously you will get distracted, which reduces the quality of your work.

7. To avoid stress

There is more mobile than social media too and you open your social media many times a day. Every time you open social media, you see the posts of your friends. One friend is holidaying abroad, and the other has got a promotion. So much breaking news makes you wonder why your life is so boring! Spending time on social media and looking at the posts of others often puts you under stress.

8. To avoid the problem of sleeplessness

About 6-7 hours of good sleep for an adult is very important so that our body can function properly. We must have heard and read this many times. There is a difference between knowing and believing anything. Often we know many things but do not believe it, it comes first in them–being busy on mobile before sleeping at night is also the biggest reason for insomnia. The blue rays emanating from our mobiles affect melatonin (a hormone in our body that controls our sleep process). Many physical problems also arise, such as; Stress, heart disease, weight gain, anxiety, etc.

9. Relaxes the eyes 

In today’s digital age, the problem of eye strain is very common. If your eyes could speak, it would tell you how painful it is to stare at a computer and mobile all day long. Your eyes pay the price of being busy with your mobile and computer. Digital detox is the most beneficial for your eyes. By doing this, you are giving your eyes the freedom to look at the open sky by taking your eyes off a 32-inch world. Get out of the digital world and engage your eyes in the natural scenery that will make you happy and your eyes too.

10. At the time of exercising, you get 

  Do you feel that you have very little time to do everything in the whole day? If yes, then it means that you are spending too much time on your mobile and laptop. Try a digital detox once. You’ll have a lot of free time throughout the day. You can take out about an hour for exercise from that time, do exercise for at least one hour daily.


Now you have all the reasons why you need to do social media and digital detox, so what’s the delay? Let’s get started. If you want, you can do a complete social media and digital detox or you can start slowly. After social media and digital detox, you will have a lot of time for yourself and others, too. Believe me, after that you will experience real happiness.

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