About Us

Hello friends,
First of all, I would like to say thanks for knowing about me.

My name is RAJ KUMAR, (RK is my nickname and I’ve started this website on 15 Oct 2020 ) and I live in Hyderabad.

I am a Computer Science Graduate (from SVS Warangal and working as a programmer for the last 3 years working as a full-time blogger, blogging consultant, SEO, and the funny thing is that I am still a student.

How and when I started blogging?

By back in 2019, one of my best friends was working on a website and he taught me, how to create a website? I created a website; AdSense was approved and then banned within two weeks due to invalid activities. Then In 2020, I again started blogging. Since then, I am regular working 5 to 6 hours to update my readers about the latest tips and tricks.

What do I do nowadays with blogging?

  • Turned into a full-time blogger.
  • Writing, editing, reviewing, and publishing 10 to 15 articles/blogs per day on my website(s).
  • Providing consultancy in various fields like BloggingSEOAdSense Optimization.

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Your Truly Writer/ friend

Mr. Bathini Rajkumar


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