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Best Chicken Breeds in India

Best Chicken Breeds in India

The Indian Breeds of Chickens play an important role in the rural side economies of both the developing and underdeveloped countries. Indian breeds of chicken are part of a balanced farming system that has a massive role in the rural households as a source of high-quality animal protein and also work as liquid assets which can be converted into cash income when required and play a very important role in the socio-cultural life of rural communities. The performance of the native breed can be improved by changing the diet and better health cover. However, Genetic improvement may be made by selecting the best quality of breed or by crossbreeding between the best breeds of chicken.

Role of Domestic Chicken In Human’s Everyday Life

Domestic Chicken plays a very important role and acts as one of the most important animal species worldwide because it provides a large proportion of animal protein in human diets. Chickens are also used for ornamental purposes (e.g., silkie or bantams) and entertainment (e.g., Gamecocks used for Cockfighting). 

How Chicken Breed’s Evolved Over the Years

The Contemporary chicken was most probably developed from its primary wild ancestor, the Red Jungle Fowl when its domestication was done in Southeast Asia in 3200 B.C. As the years passed, The Chicken has evolved from the wild form to the multiple contemporary forms, Broilers, Bantams, Game, and fancy breeds, including the native village chicken available today.

Industrialization and Globalisation in the 20th century have dramatically affected chicken production and affected the distribution of chicken genetic resources worldwide. 

The Indian Birds are Non- descriptive and are of very little value as layers. In India, large numbers of birds are found in different sizes, shapes, and colors. They vary in appearance according to the region in which they have been bred. 

The chicken breeds like Chittagong, Aseel, Langshan, or Brahma Blood are bigger in size as compared to other breeds and have a better meat quality than others. India is making a continuous growth in the production of Broilers for the Last Two Decades.

According to the last survey report, 41.06 billion eggs and 1000 million broilers annual output, India landed as the Fourth largest producer of the eggs and fifth largest producer of poultry broiler in the World Table. At present, the Broiler production rate has been increased by 15 percent in India. The farming of broilers is considered very important in India’s National policy and said that it has a good scope for further development in the coming years. 

Best Breeds Of Chicken In India:- 


The name of the chicken breed is acquired from the Ankleshwar region of the district Bharuch in Gujarat.

  • The range of breeding of this particular breed extends to Jumbusar, Zagadia, Bharuch, Hansot, and Valia of Bharuch and Dediapada of Gujarat. 
  • Average Flock size:- 5-10 birds 
  • The Shape of the comb is a single rose in color.
  •  The annual egg production of the chicken breed is 81 average age at first laying cycle: 181 days. 
  • Average egg weight:- 34.3 grams 
  • Average Body weight of male (8 weeks old) 450 grams 

Average Body weight of female (8 months) 885 grams. 

These Birds are mainly headed or reared by the south Gujarati Tribal communities for backyard poultry farming.

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This particular breed of chicken is famous for its pugnacity, high rate of stamina, majestic gait, and dogged fighting qualities. This Particular chicken breed is very rare and is found in Andhra Pradesh, Especially in the East Godavari, Visakhapatnam, Vizianagaram districts, Dantewada district Chhattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh, and Rajasthan. The most popular strains of the Aseel breed are Peela (Golden red-colored), Yarkin (black and red-colored), Nurse 89 (White), Kagar (Black) Chitta,( Black and white silver-colored) Reza (light red-colored). 

As they are poor in productivity but still these birds are well known for their better meat qualities.

  • They possess pea combs that are small in size but are placed on their head. Wattles and ear lobes are bright red. Their face is long and slender and is not covered with feathers. 
  • Their eyes are compact and present their bold looks, and their neck is long, Uniformly thick but is not fleshy. Their tail is small, and drooping legs are very strong, straight, and set well.
  • Their Annual egg production: 92
  • Their age while hitting sexual maturity: 196 days 
  • The average weight of the egg. (40weeks old) : 50grams.
  • Size of a good quality Aseel cock measuring from head to toe: 28 inches.
  • Busra

  The Busra Breed of chicken is found in Navapur Taluka of Nandurbar, the Sakritaluk of Dhule District of Maharashtra, and the Songadh and Uchchal Taluks Surat district of Gujarat. 

  • They are primarily white mixed with black feathers on the Neck, Back, Tail and have reddish-brown feathers over the shoulders and wings.
  • Their Comb is red in color, Single, small and medium in size, and stands erect. 
  • The beak of this breed is yellow-colored, and the wattles are red with a yellow shank. 
  • The standard weight of the cock: 0.8 to 1.25 Kgs 
  • The standard weight of the Hen: 0.8 to 1.2Kgs 
  • Average Annual Egg production: 40-55eggs 
  • Age at sexual maturity: 5-7 months 
  • The average weight of the Egg: 28-38 Grams.

  Chittagong (Malay)

y)They are usually found in the North-Eastern states of India, which Bangladesh borders. These are large size birds, powerful and hardly with a quarrelsome temperament. It has all the qualities of a good game bird, such as large eyes, long mane and tail, strong and refined legs, and a high headset when in action and lowered set tail.

  • The average weight of the Cock: 3.5-4.5Kgs
  • The average weight of the Hen:3-4Kgs
  1. Danke 

These chicken breeds are found in the Vizianagaram district (Bobli region) and the adjoining Srikakulam district of Andhra Pradesh bordering Odisha.

  • They are mainly brown, followed by black. Cocks have shining bluish-black feathers on wings, breasts, tails, and thighs. The neck is darker compared to the rest of the body. 
  • The average weight of the cock: 3.12 Kgs 
  • The average weight of the Hen: 2.22Kgs
  • Average annually egg production: 25-35 eggs 
  • Average egg weight: 46 grams.
  • Daothigir

They are distributed in the districts of Kokrajhar, Chirang, Udalguri, and Baska in Assam. 

  • They are primarily black with white feathers. The comb of the chicken is red is erected, and large. 
  • The average weight of the cock: 1.79kg 
  • The average weight of the hen: 1.63 Kg
  • Annual egg production: 60-70 eggs 
  • Average Egg Weight: 44.42 Grams.

The tribals of Assam rear these birds under their backyard.

  • Bagus

These Birds are found in the Kolar district and Adjoining locations of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. They are mainly Brown followed by the black. The pattern of the color in males is usually patchy and spotted in females. Shining Bullish black feathers are usually found on the tail, breast, and thighs of cocks. Feathers of the neck are golden in color, and wallets are absent in this breed. 

  • The average weight of the cock: 2.16 + 0.25 Kgs 
  • The average weight of the hen: 1.43+0.81 kgs.
  • Production of eggs annually: 45-60

This Breed is reared by the Nomads of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka and is usually mainly maintained for eggs and game purposes and raised in a backyard farming system. 

  • Kadaknath

The Real name of the breed seems to be Kalamasi, Which means a fowl with black flesh. However, this breed is usually called Kadaknath. Adult Chicken Varies from silver and gold-spangled to bluish-black without any spangling. Skin, Beak, toes, and soles of feet are slate in color. The eggs are light brown. Comb wattles and tongue are purple. Their Blood is thick and darker than the other breeds. 

  • Average bodyweight of the Cock:1.5kgs
  • Average bodyweight of the Hen: 1.0Kg. 
  • Annual production of eggs: 80 eggs
  • The average weight of the egg: 46.8 grams.

The tribals breed this breed of chicken in the Jhabua and Dhar districts of western Madhya Pradesh.

Kashmir Favorolla

They are distributed in the Kashmir region at 1500-2000 meters above sea level. They are small in size with a single comb and wattles. 

 Average weight of the Cock: 1.72 + 0.04Kgs.

Average body weight of Hen:1.25kg.

The average weight of the egg:46.06grams.

The breed is more suitable for cold climates and mountainous regions.

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 Miri chicken is found in Assam and, to be more precise, in Dhimaji, Lakhimpur, and Upper Assam regions.

  • The average weight of cock: 1.3Kg 
  • The average weight of the Hen: 1.0Kg
  • The average weight of the egg: 38.91grams 
  • Annual egg production: 60-70 

The Breed is reared by the Tribes of Assam( Mishing or Miri Tribes)

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