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Best Power Banks in India

In the digitized world, you can’t accomplish most of your tasks without an electronic device. Due to their portability and power consumption, you might have often experienced battery drainage. In most cases, carrying your charger around or finding a charging station may be hectic.

Well, due to their portability, power banks are a must-have. These accessories come in handy, especially when you are running errands or working away from home or office. Therefore, you no longer have to worry about dead batteries when you are on the go.

What are Power Banks?

A power bank is a portable electronic device that stores electric energy and recharges other devices. You can use a power bank to recharge USB-powered gadgets such as smartphones, digital cameras, tablets, fitness bands, and MP3 players.

Power banks consist of Lithium batteries that are connected to a Printed Circuit Board (PCB). Power bank batteries can either be Lithium-polymer or Lithium-ion. Li-ion batteries are less expensive but have a shorter life span than the Li-polymer type.

The PCB takes care of all the power bank’s internal functions, including voltage regulation and the prevention of battery overload. It connects the power bank’s battery to a micro USB for recharging and also determines the power output to the device that you are charging.

After using your power bank, you should also recharge it like any other device. The gadgets have dedicated micro USB ports for charging the batteries. They also contain LED indicators to show that they are charging.

Types of Power Banks

Various types of power banks exist, including:

  1. High-capacity power banks – They are capable of charging multiple devices, including laptops. They are usually heavyweight, and their sizes range from 20,000 mAh. These power banks also have DC output ports.
  2. Low-capacity (Mini) power banks – They offer a low recharging capacity. They are smaller, lightweight, and more portable than high-capacity power banks. Some that use the ion batteries are short and cylindrical, while mini power banks with polymer batteries are slimmer.
  3. Power banks with in-built cables – They enhance convenience when charging as some users may not always have USB cables. They can either have one, two, or more in-built cables.
  4. Rugged power banks – These are hardy devices that can withstand adverse conditions. Some are shock- and waterproof. With such a power bank, you wouldn’t have worries when going hiking or coming.
  5. Solar-powered power banks – These come in handy during outdoor activities. They rely on sunlight for recharging, but you can also recharge some using electricity.

Pros of Power Banks

  •  They are portable and efficient during outdoor events.
  •  Power banks offer alternative charging options during power outages.
  •  They have several ports to recharge multiple devices.
  •  Some are solar-powered; hence, eco-friendly and efficient when electricity is unavailable.
  •  They are cost-friendly.
  •  Some have several sockets to enable multiple charging.


  •  Like other devices, they also require regular recharging.
  •  They can be bulky.

Top 5 Power Banks to Buy in India

Power banks have become a popular accessory in the Indian market. Here are the top five power banks that you can buy in India:

Mi Power Bank 3i 2000Amh

Mi Power Bank 3i 20000mAh Power Bank

It is a high-capacity power bank with a 20000 mAh Lithium-polymer battery. The power bank’s high-quality and unique features are responsible for its top rank. Some of its outstanding characteristics include:

  • It’s high performance.
  • Its portability- it is lightweight and compact.
  • An elegant scratch-proof body.
  • It uses advanced battery technology from Lishen and ATL.

The device can charge multiple gadgets due to its dual USB ports. It offers 18W fast charging through the 3.0 USB port and has a relatively high power storage capacity. The power bank’s top-notch circuit board regulates the power output; thus, protecting the recharging devices from overvoltage and short-circuiting. The power bank comprises eco-friendly high-quality materials.

Ambrane 20000Amh Li-Polymer Power Bank


The power bank is a product of the renowned Indian electronic company, Ambrane Pvt Limited. It is a 20000Amh-capacity power bank powered by a Lithium-polymer battery. The device has dual input (5V/1.5A) and output (5V/2.1A) ports that facilitate multiple recharging. Some of its unique features are:

  • It has a sturdy design with a rubberized (matte) finish.
  • It has a reset mechanism and temperature resistance.
  • It has several safety measures, including protection from incorrect device insertion during charging.

The Ambrane power bank guarantees fast charging and can recharge multiple devices simultaneously. Its robust circuit board offers protection from overcharging and short circuits. The gadget is compatible with various smartphones and tablets.

Mi Power Bank 3i 10000Amh

If you are looking for a hardy power bank, Mi Power 3i 10000Amh is a perfect choice. The power bank’s framework of aluminum alloy gives it a sturdy structure that can withstand collisions. Its 10000Amh Li-Polymer battery facilitates 18W fast and effective charging. The gadget can also recharge two devices via its dual USB port.

Additional features include:

  • Compatibility with 5v/2A and 9v/2A devices like laptops, smartphones, and tablets.
  • Reset and safety mechanisms to protect the charging devices.
  • It has a lightweight and slim body that enhances portability.
  • It includes an efficient OVC circuit body.

Though the power bank has an actual capacity of 6500Amh, it offers 90% energy conversion.

OnePlus 10000mAh Power bank

OnePlus 10000Amh power bank is one of the best in the market due to its straightforward mechanism. The power bank comes in handy for users seeking to recharge multiple devices through its dual ports. It contains a 10000Amh Li-Polymer battery that enables convenient charging. Some of its appealing features are:

  • It has a short charging duration of around 5-6 hours.
  • It has a compact, lightweight, and attractive design.
  • It has an easy power residue checking mechanism (you shake the device to check how much power remains).
  • It comprises high-quality safety measures to protect the charging devices.
  • Intex IT-PB 20K Poly 20000mAh Power Bank
Best 20000mAh Power Bank is Intex IT-PB 20K Poly 20000mAh Power Bank

Intex IT-PB power bank is among the sought-after power banks due to its attractive design, efficient performance, and high power maintenance level. Its Li-Polymer 20000mAh battery facilitates a hassle-free charging experience. The power bank has several outstanding features, including:

  • It has dual 5V/1A and 5V/2.1 output ports.
  • It comprises a user-friendly user interface.
  • It has an LED indicator to show the charging status.
  • It has a short recharging period (8 hours).
  • It has an effective circuit system that offers device safety.

You can use the power bank 500 times before its battery drains out.

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Buyer’s Guide

When you are purchasing a power bank, here are some of the factors you should consider:

1. Capacity – refers to the maximum amount of power (in mAh) in a fully charged power bank. You should first check your device’s battery capacity and the number of times you will recharge it using a power bank’s full capacity. Most power banks have 10000mAh to 20000mAh capacities.

2. Battery Type – A power bank can either have a Li-ion or Li-polymer battery. Most recent power banks have Li-polymer batteries since the Li-ion is based on older technology.

3. Certification – Always ensure that the power bank is original and high-quality. A safe-to-use power bank should have a certification such as UL, MFi, and ETL.

4. Battery life – When choosing a power bank, you might consider one with long battery life. You can use Li-polymer and Li-ion batteries to charge in approximately 500 cycles. However, the cycle life is prone to temperature changes, high currents, and discharge depths.

5. Additional features – Most power banks have extra characteristics that distinguish them from the rest. These features enhance their performance and improve the users’ charging experiences. Some of the features you may want to consider while purchasing a power bank include:

  • Output ports – Many users prefer power banks with multiple output ports to charge several devices.
  • LED indicators – These are in-built LED lights to indicate the device’s charging status. Power banks with such features are ideal for camping, especially at night.
  • In-built cables – Some power banks have built-in cables to facilitate convenient charging. There can be more than one in-built cable, including micro USB, lightning, and USB C. These cables come in handy when you forget yours or have an incompatible one.
  • Design – Power banks are available in numerous designs. They include compact bodies, matte finishes, attractive colors, body shapes, and patterns. You might consider a unique design when selecting your preferred power bank.
  • Temperature sensors – Some power banks contain temperature sensors to maintain the devices’ safety. These sensors will turn off charging if the temperature is unsuitable to protect the device from short-circuiting or over-voltage.
  • Charging speed – You may also choose a power bank due to how fast it can charge your device. Some may take 5-6 hours while others charge between 8-12 hours. The charging speed usually depends on the power bank’s power output.

Parting Shot

Due to hectic working schedules and the recent norm of using mobile devices in our day-to-day activities, power banks come in handy. These accessories are available in various designs, features, and performance levels. Before buying one, consider all the necessary factors.

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