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Best Wayback Machine Alternatives

Have you ever wondered how you can retrieve information from web pages that existed some time back? Web history tools help in retracting data from browsers over years. In most cases, we forget what websites we’ve visited after closing the pages. Some may have confidential information, such as users’ login details.

Web history tools take web pages’ snapshots to capture their exact states. You can, therefore, view a webpage in the specific version it was at a particular time. Wayback Machine is a popular web history tool that historians and researchers utilize to archive digital artifacts.

Despite preserving information from the World Wide Web (WWW), Wayback Machine has some drawbacks. For instance, it may be unresponsive to some crawlable websites. Moreover, the software may be too slow in some cases.

Hence, you can consider using other alternative web history tools. Here are the best substitutes to the Wayback Machine:


As the name suggests, Archive.is (Archive today) is a web history tool that preserves web pages’ historical information. It is one of the best archiving software for creating exact web page copies. Hence, you can have an online copy even after the original one is removed.

Archive today has the following outstanding features:

  • The tool takes snapshots of web pages to preserve their precise details.
  • It stores the archived websites infinitely.
  • It saves the text and graphics of a webpage; hence, maintaining its accuracy.
  • The software also provides short links to the unaltered records of web pages for easy retrieval.
  • The saved web page copies do not contain any popups or malware; thus, safe to use.
  • The tool enables you to retrieve websites containing real estate listings, job offers, blog posts, or price lists.

Archive today is free and ideal for users who want to view previous website versions. However, you’ll have no control over how it archives the website.

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Screenshots.com is another best preferred archiving tool. The software is also referred to as a “Time Machine” and has a massive database of over 250 million website screenshots. However, its storage capacity is way below that of the Wayback Machine. Here are Screenshot.com features:

  • The web history tool has a user-friendly interface that enables easy navigation.
  • It uses the Domain tools API.
  • It gives actual copies of the archived websites.
  • Screenshots.com has a search bar option that helps you in retrieving websites using URLs.
  • The software also gives information about a website’s domain registration.
  • It also links screen shots’ thumbnails to “Whois Lookup.”

However, screenshot.com does not preserve the pages’ shortcodes. The tool only captures the home page, images, and ads from the websites.


If you are looking for a free reliable web history tool, DomainTools is a perfect choice. The software is among the top website archiving tools. DomainTools provides the Web WHOIS service that helps users to retrieve information about websites. You can use the tool to get a website’s history or its hosting details.

Here are some of DomainTools’ unique characteristics:

The tool not only provides a website’s history but also all its previous IP addresses.

DomainTools also incorporates two web archiving websites; screenshots.com and Whois.

The tool is ideal for advanced website archiving as it provides all the information about a website.

It gives screenshots of archived websites.

DomainTools gives records of the domain registration, site owner’s contact details, and hosting information.


If you are looking for software that gives you more than the website’s history, iTools is a must-have. The web history tool’s services somehow differ from other Wayback Machine alternatives as it provides more information. For instance, you can recover a website’s traffic analysis by using tools.

Here are additional features of iTools:

  • iTools has incorporated Alexa, a website that offers details about a website’s traffic and statistics.
  • The tool also provides information about a website’s popularity; hence, ideal for developing SEO strategies.
  • It offers website screenshots and a coding framework.
  • iTools is also a free tool that provides a website’s layout details.

However, despite its high functionality, the tool’s user interface is not the best.


Are you interested in retrieving information about a website’s competitiveness or popularity? Alexa is one of the best and popular tools in website traffic analysis, reputation, and ratings. The software also provides information about a website’s history and its competitors.

Additional features of Alexa include:

  • It is Amazon-owned; hence, well renowned.
  • Alexa provides information about a site’s ranking and keyword research; thus, perfect for SEO strategies.
  • The tool also ranks websites according to audience visits and insights, engagement matrix, and their competitiveness.
  • It gives more details beyond competitors.
  • Alexa is a paid-for service.

You can choose the advanced plan for $149/month or the agency option for $299/month. You will get a 14-day free trial with the advanced package and access to one website per user. However, the agency plan comes with a 30-day free trial and thirty-five websites’ access for twenty users.


PageFreezer is among the best Wayback Machine substitutes as it utilizes web crawling engines, such as Google. The tool has an automatic way of taking web page screenshots; hence, you don’t have to download additional software. PageFreezer is a SaaS application that users, such as bloggers, finance and legal firms, post-education institutions, and government agencies use to get information about a website’s history.

Here are PageFreezer’s unique features:

  • It provides several services, including data export, web page comparison, live browsing, legal proof, and digital signatures.
  • PageFreezer validates the integrity and authenticity of your online records.
  • It captures conversations on social media networks.
  • The tool keeps track of browsing activities and corporate chat conversations for potential risks.
  • It also archives text messages or SMS.
  • You can collect and manage dynamic web content in real-time.

You can get PageFreezer’s services at $99 per month.

Still Automatic Screenshots

Still is among the best tools for managing your website. The software captures site screenshots at regular intervals; hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or annually. Still also allows you to customize your preferences, such as setting server positions, screenshot sizes, and managing cookies. Additional characteristics of Stillio include:

  • It is ideal for competition and SEO tracking.
  • Still supports URL sharing and the addition of multiple URLs.
  • It has an option to save screenshots in Dropbox.
  • Still lets you hide unwanted features, such as banners and overlays.

Still is a paid-for service whose charges range from $99 to $299 per month, depending on the plan.


Yubnub is a perfect tool for retrieving business-related web information. The software acts as a search engine that lets you develop and use commands related to web pages or services. Yubnub is easy to use as you only have to enter a website’s URL, search, and get instant results.

Here are Yubnub’s additional features:

  • It has a user-friendly interface for easy navigation.
  • It offers free service.
  • Yubnub provides some details about competitors’ marketing strategies.

Note: When choosing the ideal web history tool, you should consider the following factors:

  • The specific information they archive.
  • How frequently the tools archive web pages.
  • The number of websites you can preserve using the tool.
  • The period the software stores the archived pages.
  • Possibility of accessing or downloading the stored web pages.


Despite being a great web archiving tool, Wayback Machine has several limitations. Therefore, you may consider using alternative web history tools to preserve and retrieve web information.

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