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ETMONEY App Review and deatail

ETMONEY App Review and deatail

The bitter truth is that most of us do not understand mutual funds enough to choose and
invest in mutual funds properly. Even if we understand how mutual funds work, many
options make us struggle to choose the right one for ourselves.
Take a look at ET Money App for Mutual Funds. A close friend of mine is using this app
for the last 2 years, then he has shared the personal information received from him that
how he does all his investments under all mutual funds through this app.


What is ET money?
ETMONEY is an online investment platform that helps you in investing, tracking, and
managing mutual fund investments, insurance policies, loans, and credit reports all under
one roof. Along with this, you can take many other facilities through this app, which you
will know today, this app has been launched by Times Group, it is a personal finance app on
which you can have different finance schemes in which you can put money. Whether it is a
fixed deposit, mutual fund, or any of your life insurance, you can put money in anything and
how much will you charge your premium inside it? How much will be the benefit? For how
many years do you want to put money in it? You will get all this in it and at the same time
you will get a chance to put money inside the pension scheme in it, that is, you can take full
care of your future through this app.

We first know about its uses and offers and after that, we will know what are its
advantages and disadvantages.
First of all, know whether the ET money app is safe for us or not?
Yes, ET Money is absolutely safe for mutual fund investment. ET Money is a registered
mutual fund distributor of AMFI and follows all the safety and regulatory guidelines laid down by AMFI and SEBI

All money transfers happen directly from your account to the mutual fund company and
when you withdraw your investment, all the money is directly deposited into your bank
account by the mutual fund company. There is no way anyone can withdraw money in the
wrong way.

The ET Money app is available on both Android and iOS. ET Money App has got a 4.5 rating
on Google PlayStore with more than 5M+ installs. It has invested more than $1 billion in 7.5
million Indians since November 2016.

It is a Times Internet-backed company. Times Internet is the digital arm of the Times of
India Group, India’s largest media conglomerate, offering products such as Newspaper
Times of India (TOI), Economic Times (ET), Navbharat Times (NBT), Cricbuzz, Gaana, MX
Player. Is. Dineout, Indiatimes, MainsXP, iDiva, Gradeup, etc.

Everything on ET Money is paperless and is done on the smartphone.
ETMONEY App is Safe For example when you make a direct investment through
ETMONEY App, your money goes to Mutual Fund companies.
The features that make ETMoney special are as follows:
Direct Investment in Mutual Funds: ETMoney allows direct i.e. zero-commission
investment in Mutual Funds. It helps in mutual fund investment by giving investment ideas
eMoney’s expense tracker and monthly saver automatically collect all your expenses in one
place by tracking and categorizing your expenses through your SMS so that you know

where your money is going.
Personal Loan, RBL Credit Card, and Line of Credit: If your salary is more than Rs 25,000
and you have a good credit score then you can get a Personal Loan or Loan Pass on ET
Money App in association with RBL Bank. If you go for the loan pass then you get an RBL
credit card.
ETMONEY Smart Deposit:

ETMONEY allows investment in Nippon India Liquid Fund which
provides better returns as compared to a savings bank account.
Insurance: eMoney offers term plans, health insurance, car insurance, bike insurance from
more than 20 insurers (like HDFC ERGO, HDFC Life, Bharti AXA, Kotak, Apollo Munich,
Tata) where you can compare and buy the best plans.

eMoney Gold Deposit Through eMoney’s GoldDeposit, you get the facility to buy gold
digitally through Nippon (earlier Reliance) Gold Savings Fund
Comparison of ET Money with other platforms for direct investment in mutual funds like
Paytm Money App, Zerodha with Zerodha is done in detail in the comparison of direct
mutual fund investment platforms, a snapshot of which is given later in the article.
The CEO of ETMoney is Mukesh P Kalra. Mukesh founded MoneySights, but had to shut it
down in 2012. Times Internet bought MoneySights in 2014 for an undisclosed amount,
integrated it with the ET portfolio, and rebranded it as ET Money.

Some individual pros and cons of the ET Money app
My friend has been investing in mutual funds through the ETMoney app for almost two
years now. There are lots of advantages and disadvantages of this app. We will only list the
major pros and cons that have been faced personally by my friend:

1.Extremely user-friendly interface.
2. Track the performance of your mutual funds very easily. It also shows how these mutual
funds are performing against other funds in the category and auto-generated tips on
whether you should invest in your fund or consider exiting.
3.SIP is very easy to manage. You can change the SIP amount every month based on your
monthly savings.

4.It is very easy and convenient as every month saving is different
Buying a new MF is super easy and so is the redemption!
5. Can Buy “Direct” Plans.
6.Can see the performance of your plan on daily basis. It shows the annual return of each
scheme in your portfolio.
7. You can track the mutual funds that you have purchased from elsewhere (outside ET
Money). However, you cannot transact for such plans.
8. You can also buy Health Insurance, Car Insurance, NPS, Gold Scheme, FD, Life
Insurance from this app. However, I have not used these features.
9. Track your expenses on the app.

1. Creating your profile for the first use is a tedious process where many people give up.
But once through it, again no problem as it is a one-time-only activity.

2.As long as you are invested and don’t have any problems, the ET money app is great.
However, once an unforeseen issue comes up, the ET money app suffers a major loss due to
its poor customer support team. I’ve had two different issues in 2 years for which I never
found a solution. Their support team is amateur. They give you standard responses that are
of no use in solving your issues and they try to keep the responses short (1 or 2
sentences). Obviously, you mail them back asking for more information to which you don’t
get their response even after repeated emails.

3.App sends too many advertising emails. However, important communication is never sent.
For example, just recently, my SIP was not processed by the app. I expressed concern to
which I received a response that “We regret to share our inability to temporarily disable
mutual fund investments for NRI users due to certain regulatory changes”. I believe this
is a very important notification that should be communicated to all investors, which

ETMONEY did not!
ET money Fee
The ETMONEY online platform comes as an app that is free to download and use. You don’t
have to pay any charges for buying units, tracking returns, and redeeming your mutual fund

Other services like buying insurance, applying for loans, investing in NPS, using an expense
manager, and generating credit reports are also free of cost.
So you can stay free from all types of charges.
ET Money is an app that lets you invest (as of date) in Mutual Fund Direct plans without
any commissions or charges. To start investing in mutual funds, you need to complete a
one-time central KYC process as per SEBI guidelines. This KYC is valid on all platforms, so
even if you don’t want to invest through eMoney, you can still complete your KYC using
their app.

It is ideal for college students and young earners to get started with mutual funds quickly.
Please note that we have no affiliation with any investment portal. This article is purely
informational in nature.

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You can complete the KYC through a very easy process, first, you have to download the ET
money app, after that by logging in with your Gmail account, fulfilling the necessary
conditions of KYC with some documents like PAN card, Aadhar card, and your signature has
to be uploaded as mentioned. And while filling all this information and documents, fill them in
carefully and update your mobile number to get future information. And here the thing to
keep in mind in the documents is that here all your documents should be in one name and
after that, you have to add your bank account in which your money will be withdrawn and
after that, you have to agree on their terms and proceed And congratulations you can
start your investment journey.

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