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Footybite soccer streams are not legal – try our alternative

Footybite soccer streams are not legal - try our alternative

Hello friends, welcome to rkwebnews. Today we are going to talk about Footybite soccer streams are not legal – try our alternative.

If you are fond of watching live football and you watch live football on Footybite then you are watching football matches illegally. In today’s article, we are going to tell you how you can enjoy a live football match legally.

Did you know that Footybyte is not legally allowed to be available in the UK? That’s why we have brought you many options that you can use legally.

What is Footybyte?

Nowadays there are many online streaming service websites available on which you can watch movies and TV shows free. But there are only a few streaming sites that contain sports and related content. If you are crazy about watching live football matches and don’t want to pay for any streaming service provider, then Footybyte might be a great option for you, but stop! You have to keep one thing in mind here that this site is not completely legal. This site uses copyrighted content.

A study has proven that football fans using free streams of top matches are putting their devices and personal privacy at high risk. Due to which not only their devices but also their accounts can be at risk in the future and if you do not love your privacy then you can visit those dangerous websites without worry.

The study reported that the most popular sites attract more than 8 million visits per month. Some reputed brands are willing to add their name to illegal distribution, so sites turn to malicious ads to pull in profits.

The study’s researchers said that more than half of malicious software is installed on users’ machines through coercive advertisements and other deceptive techniques, and also acts to harm people’s privacy and devices and sell their data.

Researchers found that along with pop-up and overlay advertising, they saw an increase in sites that convince users to install browser plug-ins to watch a free stream. That was not only malicious ads appearing on football sites, but the software was also hijacking secure websites in general.

This website has gained huge fame. And this website has just been 1 year and 8 months. If we talk about its 1-month traffic, then it is more than 4 million. Its major traffic comes from the UK and the US.

Footybite App

Along with the footybyte website, they have also launched their app named footybyte, which you can download from the play store or their website.

Using the Footibyte app, you can get live match updates, scores, and news-related information. If you are also searching for a free app to watch live football matches, then you can do it. But by downloading it, you will put your device and privacy at risk. For which we have brought the solution for you, then you just have to read this article till the end. After that, you will know what is that way?

What are the best free football streaming platforms? let’s know

If you search on the internet to watch a live football match, then you will be searching for hours, but you will not get anything except a live score. I have also tried this. It took more than 1 hour to get the link to watch live football matches. But till the end, I only got to know the live score.

But this will not happen to you because you have come to our website. If you want to watch the streaming of football matches, you can use the Footibyte alternatives mentioned by us.

1. HesGoal

On the Hesgoal platform, you can enjoy the entire live football match without paying $1. Also, there is no need for you to register on it. Because this website is very similar to the Footibyte website.

The interface of this website looks very clean and at the same time, it is very easy to navigate. The loading speed of this website is also unusual for which you will not have to wait for minutes because here the website gets loaded in a few seconds. And after loading the live football match will start.

On this website, you will be able to get football news as well as news like car racing. The good thing about Hesgoal is that you do not have to face spammy ads, content, and links on it.

This website is providing its services since 2015 and still works very well, which makes it a reliable source.

For the time being, you can access it via the web. They don’t have any mobile app at the moment. You can find it on Twitter and follow us for the latest updates.


  • No subscription
  • No need for registration
  • Simple and clean design and negation


Some ads

2. Totalsportek

The second best platform to watch live football matches is TotalSportek. Like Hesgoal, TotalSportek also functions as a sports blog. Here you can also see the main highlights of the football match.

If you are looking for a platform where you can get updates and highlights from various sources. Then TotalSportek is the website for you to watch the best football matches, other popular sports on TotalSportek also coming soon like cricket, Boxing, Formula 1, MotoGP, Rugby, NFL, and many more.

The design and navigation of the website have been made very simple so that any new user can use it easily. Unlike other free blogs, it is free of spammy ads and links that lead you to unsafe sources.

You can also access this website only through the web, it also does not have its app available.

Broadly speaking, this website is a very good source for football lovers to watch football matches. You can also consider it a good footbed option.

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  • Easy Navigation
  • No Extreme spammy ads
  • Information about different sports on a single platform


  • Some ads
  • No Mobile app Available

3. LiveTv.sx

LiveTv.sx is a wonderful source for enjoying football matches. Here’s a great resource to get all the latest updates and links.

LiveTv.sx is a wonderful source for enjoying football matches. Here’s a great resource to get all the latest updates and links.

They all provide a variety of channels and sources to watch live football matches. Many languages were included in it, you can choose which language according to you.

Like both the websites mentioned above, you can also get the pleasure of watching live football match scores and matches in this too.

It’s design and navigation are easy to use, just like other football stream sites.


  • Available Fun club
  • Excellent Forum
  • Support many languages


  • login Required
  • Some ads

4. SonyLiv Sports

If you are searching for a safe, legal, and free website to watch football and other sports streaming, then you must take a look at Sonyliv.com.

Here is the company established by Sony which is an Indian company that provides almost all information related to entertainment. And on SonyLIV, you can access the entire collection of all football matches for free.

They also have their subscription plans where you can get high-quality content.

Their mobile app is also available on the website. If you use an Android and iPhone, then you can download their app and enjoy the live match.

Another amazing feature of this is, on this you can also watch interesting clips that happened during the match.


  • A good legal and reliable source
  • No ads
  • Very Good design and navigation
  • Own App


Limited Content

5. Stream2watch

The fifth and last website of our choice is Stream2Watch.

The design and platform of Stream2Watch are very beautiful and attractive where you can get a live schedule and sports streaming.

Its most important feature is that it works like a search engine. On the homepage in the search bar, when you enter the name of a sport or the name of a team, you get a list of all the sources that will provide live streaming. 

You can see all sources related to living streaming by typing football or Liverpool FC. Now you have to select one of them and live streaming will start.

You are also able to access all the sports and live streaming through the navigation menu itself.

Another thing that everyone loves a lot is their support and FAQ section. Through the Frequently Asked Questions section, you will find solutions to the problems you may come across while browsing the Stream2Watch website.


  • Features like search engine
  • Best high-Quality video contents
  • Multiple sports and TV streaming


  • Not a legal source

We hope you will love these free football streaming sites and using these sites you will be able to enjoy your favorite sports, but keep in mind that streaming sites are not legal in some countries, so make sure these sites are legal in your state or not.

Hope that you have liked this article very much. If you have any questions related to the article in your mind, then you can ask us by commenting. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

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