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Fun children’s activities for rainy days

Fun children’s activities for rainy days


The rainy season or specifically said as the monsoon season is known as traditionally a seasonal reversing the winds and is accompanied by the corresponding changes in the precipitation which ultimately results in a humid atmosphere and rain. It is also a resultant change in the atmospheric pressure and the circulation ultimately precipitating associating with the different latitudinal oscillations. The annual latitudinal oscillations are of the intertropical convergence zone between its limits to the particular point in the north and south of the equator. The rainy phase in India starts mostly between the march and April months of the year and lasts till the mid of September. In between, there is also sometimes a dry phase due to extensive global warming or the changes in the seasons. Taking into global consideration, the major monsoon systems of the whole world consist mainly of West Africa and the Asia-Australian monsoon seasons.

The rainy season and the rains are very essential when thinking from the farmer’s point of you. The rainy season is known to be a cultivating and cropping season too. Proper and essential amount of rain which enhances and avails the proper cultivation of the crop helps the farmers for their daily income and employment. The majority around 60% of the Indian population is connected to some sector of the agriculture and dairy inductor. They are also dependent on regular income and employment in the agriculture field.

As we all know the rainy season is loved and enjoyed by everyone. The major fun of the rainy season is enjoyed by the children and teenagers. They love to play in the rain and jump over the puddles and many more. Moreover, the tasty fried foods and dishes enhance the fun of the rainy cold weather. On the other hand, due to rains majority of parents make their child be at home and not to enjoy the rains as it avails major diseases and infections like common cold and many more. Due to the excessive wet and humid atmosphere, the bacterial growth is enhanced with can infected the child with low immunity.

The article is focused on some of the major fun activities which can be practiced and cultivated being at home apart from getting out of the house and playing in the rain. The fun activities are listed below.

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1.     Writing an essay

  • Mostly the writing work is avoided and is said to be boring by most of the children. But any activity that is being bored by the child, a company of his or her parents can enhance the output and can make the work more interesting and fun-loving. To enjoy more, parents can guide a child on how to write an essay and can guide with all the information regarding the particular topic. A parent can also enhance and make a child person the writing work more pleasantly with the latest technology showing them few videos. Just ask your child to input all the feelings and experiences about the rainy days either good or bad, and the outcome of the efforts will be just excellent.

2.     Spending time with family

  • Spending time with the family and enjoy together is the ultimate culture of the Indian people. Usually, due to the hectic schedules and working parents, a child always feels alone and left out. This is the perfect time for the parents and child to cope up in the cold and rainy weather to enjoy the cozy and comforts with each other. Showing your child love and care and enjoying together with each other in playing games and many more can actually create a firm bond of care and love for parents and child both towards each other.

3.     Read storybooks and novels

  • Reading and writing are the most effective and time utilizing thing a child can opt for on rainy days. Reading storybooks related to the rainy seasons and other different seasons, getting information about the basic importance of the rains, helps a child to learn more and increase his or her basic understanding. Reading other novels and stories or maybe general knowledge stuff can enhance the knowledge of the child. The most interesting for a child is to make read and observe different pictorial-based encyclopedias which have ample amount of pictures to understand the topic well.

4.     Sing a rain song

  • Have you ever experienced that hoe fun-loving it is to sing various rainy songs and enjoying them with a family member? Different cultures and religions in our nation India have diverse rituals to welcome the first rain of the season. There are almost more than a hundred languages spoken in India. Each language and sub-languages have a typical rain song been written by famous writers which are mostly sung by the people to welcome the first rain. Rain has always been a sign of relief and happiness after the long-standing summer season in India. People feel a moment of joy and celebration when the first rain is experienced. People dance with joy with the melodious rain songs and enjoy the celebration.

5.     Playing indoor treasure hunt

  • Playing Indoor treasure hunts with friends is so much enjoyable and adventurous too. Having a group of friends at home for a cool adventurous indoor treasure hunt is all new in the trend. The major clues are being prepared by the parents and the small and exciting treasure is been kept hide in the place. The game is all about solving the riddles and the clues which are set by a parent and finding the treasure. Two or three teams are been crafted with the majority of people who are present. The team who finds the treasure wins the game. Here the physical activity is also encouraged with the innovative ideas of solving the riddles and the clues very fast and with a quick decisive mind. The game yields a child to boost up the brain skills by solving the riddles.

6.     Playing different cardboard games

  • Do children still love cardboard games? Yes, of course,, it is the most fun-loving game yet even for the parents to play with their child. The different cardboard games are a clue, monopoly, scrabble, strategies, snack and ladder, and many more. These all-fun games are also known as mind games. These games also help in activating the different mental skills of the child. The things like the knowledge of the numbers, solving the mystery, solving clues, learning new words and their meanings, and many more. The child may also understand the basic concept of win and lose and enhances the sportsman spirit.
  • Another thing a child can be engaged in and are majorly fond of is the different card games. Card games like napoleons, UNO, solitaire, card decks, and many more are the most interesting and fun-loving card games for children.

7.     Watch movie

  • Watching the latest movie with the family is the best time spent on rainy days. It also enhances the togetherness of the parents and child and can be fun-loving. The cartoon animated series and the funny movies with a great comedy are the best options to watch on rainy days.

8.     Indoor camping

  • Most of the children are very fond of adventurous and thrilling activities and sports. Has anymore tried the concept of indoor camping on rainy days? It’s totally a fun-loving and adventurous concept. Here the act includes pitching a tent. Now move the sofa or the coffee table of the house to clear the space for the tent to be built. There are majorly available DIY tents and the other tent options online one can avail easily and can order for the purpose. Prepare a tent. It’s the best old school days memories. Gather up the blankets and the sheets, some pillows, and some food. Take some mysterious storybooks to add a ting of suspense and fun. Here you are ready for indoor camping.

9.     Play different games and crafts with paper

  • Have you ever crafted a paper boat or an airplane on rainy days? Sailing your paper boat in the puddle or maybe flying an airplane crafted by you can also be a fun activity on rainy days. Take a craft paper of your choice and color, make a boat or an airplane,,, or any other article you wish to. Try to make it more attractive and keep it as a memory. The origami can be great fun and can add an essence of joy and happiness on rainy days.

10. Drawing and painting

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