Grocery Delivery Mobile App Development Cost and Features

Grocery Delivery Mobile App Development Cost and Features

Online grocery stores are growing rapidly and becoming extremely popular. The emergence of technology has made life a lot easier by allowing retailers to sell food products including groceries, vegetables, fruits, beverages, staples and much more using these successful platforms. The popularity of these platforms is increasing day by day with the customer base. People have moved from trolley picking to add to cart option.

 Evaluating the total cost of developing an online grocery shopping app can vary from country to country in terms of its complexity, the platform you choose, and the cost to developers, depending on the country.

If you opt for the cross-delivery app, it will cost more than compared to a single-platform app. Choosing a cross-platform app, adding more features will help you attract more audience. It is one of the leading industries. In 2019, food and beverage e-commerce sales jumped to $17.65 and will increase to $28.05 by 2022. So knowing the calculations, total expenses, benefits help in getting ahead in the competition.

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How much can a grocery app cost?

Grocery shopping is a cumbersome task for working couples, especially when it comes to time availability. The grocery shopping app not only saves you time but also helps in saving money as it provides coupons and discounts on almost every purchase.

 This is one of the best app ideas of recent years. In this answer, we will give you a fair estimate of the cost of building a grocery delivery app.

1. Single warehouse and single location

 This should be your target starting point. It is suitable for startups having a single godown or warehouse and wants to target a city with an attached pin code e.g. Navi Mumbai, Pune, etc.

 Deliverables include:

  • Android and iOS Apps for Users
  • Web-based admin panel


  • Category Master – Admin will be able to define multiple categories in the system, eg. Breakfast, dessert, cereal, etc.
  • Product – will be able to define multiple products in the admin system
  • Coupon Code Management – Define coupon codes and take into account more than 12 datapoints
  • Location Master – Control the PIN codes you wish to service. You can start delivery to a new location with the flick of a button.
  • Analytics
  • Dashboard – Get a look at your business at a glance
  • order management

 Cost without Delivery Boy App – ₹ 2 Lakh + GST

 Cost – ₹ 2.5 Lakh + GST ​​with Delivery Boy App (Android)

Delivery Time: 25-30 Working Days

What is not included?

  • Hosting Cost – We Recommend Amazon Web Services
  • SMS Gateway
  • App Store registration fee – Google charges a onetime fee of $25 while Apple charges an annual fee of $99
  • Annual Maintenance Fee – We charge 20% of the project cost as annual maintenance and support fee. We make sure the apps are bug-free and compatible with the latest versions of Android and iOS.
  • Custom module

2. Multiple Warehouses and Multiple Locations

This is recommended when you are in your development stage and want to serve broader geography with no. warehouses or warehouses

Features: Similar to the Single Warehouse model but packaged with no. Warehouse Management Capabilities, eg. Personal warehouse manager, inventory management, etc.


  • Android and iOS Apps for Users
  • web-based admin panel
  • android app for delivery boy
  • web-based warehouse management app

Cost with Delivery Boy App (Android): INR 6 Lakh + GST

Delivery Time: 50-60 working days

What is not included?

  • Similar to Single Warehouse Model

Essential Factors to Consider Before Developing a Grocery App

The recent remarkable growth in the grocery sector will prompt more people to buy their favorite items online. Especially women and children are more prone to buy things online. Grocery Delivery App businesses have provided quality services to their customers at ease with the level of satisfaction. And thus, more and more businesses want to enter this market.

So, whether you are a brand or a grocery service provider, you need to evaluate the cost of grocery app development before building your app. Kirana App makes it convenient for the customers to get the most essential items at their doorstep.

Grocery delivery app cost appraisal mainly depends on the complexity of the app, feature implementation, number of platforms used, and the developers required to build the app.

 We need to understand each of them to get a final estimate of the cost.

 Every app that starts a well-delivered journey in the market is attributed with a list of factors that make it unique and promising in the market.

Let’s know about them.

1. Basic Features

This includes the most prioritized features like shopping cart, user accounts, order history, reviews and ratings, the total time required, and more. All of these combined affect the overall cost of the grocery app.

2. App Platform

The app platform must be flawless to perform. Users are mostly attracted by the performance of the app and it varies from platform to platform. Generally, the most important platforms used for mobile app development are Android and iOS. These are thoroughly certified and tested by the developers.

3. App Developer

The app developer is the one who gets your project where it needs to be. They should have considerable experience infusing a variety of technologies inside the app. He may charge differently according to his location and experience.

4. App Design

Designing is the most attractive thing to attract the attention of the user, and hence the cost mainly depends on it. An intuitive design with layers of graphics will provide a real experience for the users. Clear and delicate designs transform your overall project look.

Try adding attractive designs to motivate your customer to purchase.

5. App Size

The cost of the app depends on its size. Size can vary according to the level of complexity you want to add to the project.

6. Advanced Features

To get a unique position in the market, your app needs to be coupled with some important features. These are the features that add a high level of sophistication to the app. Push notifications with OTP enabled, geolocation, data sync, booking/delivery calendar, in-app messaging/calling, etc are some of the advanced features that your developer can add to the app to make it last longer.

7. Location Tracking

The location tracking method is beneficial for both buyers and customers. Buyers are aware of the delivery date of groceries, whereas customers check the delivery dates before purchasing groceries.

8. Features of My Cart

This feature allows adding items that users want to buy.

9. Active Basket

This allows customers to quickly suggest items they have purchased frequently.

10. Right Business Model

The price of the app depends on how many features you want to add to it. There are different business models for grocery delivery app, you can choose any one as per your budget. They are classified as e-commerce grocery app, store grocery app, and personalized grocery app.

You can choose any type of app and your development team will decide the cost of making that app. It is important that you choose the model that will return high ROI for your business, and bring great impact among your audience.

Key Features of Build On-Demand Grocery App

For a single platform like Android or iOS, it costs somewhere around $10,000 to $50,000 (here you are given the value in dollars), taking into account several factors to calculate the cost of building a grocery delivery app. The exact cost depends on various factors as follows.

  • App Platform
  • App Size
  • App design
  • App Features
  • App developer
  • App development location

Key Features of Build On-Demand Grocery App:

Grocery App Development (Customer Panel)

  • Registration

         Search Products

  • Advanced Search
  • Payment Type
  • schedule delivery
  • Notifications
  • order Tracking
  • Establishment
  • Reviews and Ratings

Grocery App Development (Store Owner Panel)

  • store Locator
  • Store Pickup
  • Profile Management
  • live tracking path

Grocery App Development (Admin)

  • store management
  • Product Inventory Management
  • order Tracking
  • Customer Management
  • Feedback
  • Notifications
  • payment management

Market Leaders of Online Grocery Delivery:

 Here are the top market leaders of online grocery delivery services. If you have a high budget, then you can find Clone App listed below the top market leaders.

  • Walmart
  • instacart
  • heroine
  • Shipt

       big basket

  • supermarket

Benefits of on-demand grocery delivery services

  • Shop on your own and save time
  • More convenient for careless shoppers
  • Potentially loose rules for alcohol delivery
  • may limit impulse buying
  • Useful if you are temporarily out of commission
  • Sign-ups may come with promotions
  • Can offer customized or saved shopping lists

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