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Honeygain App – How to Make Money Online

Honeygain App – How to Make Money Online

The online space has numerous income-generating opportunities. Whether you want to earn money through active or passive means, you will not lack an avenue to do that on the internet. However, many cybercriminals and fraudsters have taken advantage of people seeking jobs online and defrauded them. Therefore, it is crucial to verify the safety and legitimacy of a site that claims to pay users after accomplishing certain tasks.

Did you know that you can make money online by literally doing nothing? Well, that’s what passive income is all about. You may have heard of earning passively through blogging, dropshipping, creating an online course, or by Instagram sponsored posts. However, you can also earn effortlessly by selling your idle internet. Sounds too good to be true, right? Some organizations such as Honeygain, pay people who allow them to use their bandwidth.

What is Honeygain App?

As the name suggests, Honeygain App is a platform where you can earn “sweet” money passively. The Honeygain app refers to an application that one can download and install on their Android, iOS, or Windows smartphones and computers. Once installed, the app uses your internet for the company’s and its partners’ data collection and market research. Honeygain will pay you if you give them access to your unused internet bandwidth.

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  • It’s easy to install the Honeygain app.
  • The application has a friendly user interface.
  • It is easy to use.
  • Honeygain doesn’t track your browsing activities.
  • Honeygain has efficient customer support.


  • The Honeygain app reduces your battery life.
  • It uses data fast; hence, not suitable for users with limited internet plans.
  • The Honeygain app will not function on an inactive device or internet connection.
  • It may take some days to reach the payout threshold of $20 as the app pays approximately $1 to $2 per day.

Can you Really Sell the Internet to Earn Cash?

Selling your internet bandwidth to earn some cash may sound impossible. However, with the Honeygain app, it is achievable. The Honeygain Company has a straightforward policy about how users can make money via the app. You can find the details on their website.

If you have idle or extra bandwidth on any of your devices, you can install the Honeygain app and start making passive income instantly. The application then shares your bandwidth with other organizations that will gather data from it.

What do Companies Do with your Bandwidth?

The Honeygain Company has partnered with various organizations that collect data and conduct market research. After selling your data to Honeygain, the company rents out the internet data to its tier partners. These organizations, therefore, use the rented bandwidth to carry out their daily online tasks.

Most of the tier companies conduct market research based on their clients’ queries. They use your internet data for the following activities:

  • Planning for their SEO strategies.
  • Crowd surfing for information.
  • Conducting marketing campaigns.
  • Making price comparisons for products and services in different locations.

How to Earn Money with Honeygain?

Earning money on Honeygain has never been easier. Your earnings on Honeygain depend on how much internet bandwidth the company collects from you. Hence, the more internet they use, the more money you get. To start making money on the application, you must follow these steps:

  • Download and install the Honeygain app on your preferred device. The application is compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows smartphones or computers.
  • After installation, sign up by filling the registration form. The signing-up process is easy, and Honeygain does not require your location details.
  • After registering, Honeygain will send you an email to confirm your new account.

Note: To qualify as a user on Honeygain, you have to be over 18 years and own a PayPal account. You start earning credits on Honeygain after sharing at least 10MB of your internet (1 credit =10MB). Hence, you make $1from 10 GB of shared bandwidth. You can also get 10 credits per hour from the Content Delivery Service.

How to Earn more Tips

Are you wondering how you can earn more money through the Honeygain app? Apart from selling your internet, you can get bonus payments from;

Installation – You earn a bonus after installing the app on your device.

The number of devices – Honeygain allows you to generate more income by installing the app on several devices. You can have the application on up to six devices.

Referrals – Honeygain has an incredible referral program where you make more money by getting other people to install the app. You will get a sharing link immediately after downloading the app. You can then share it on various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, email, and Instagram. Honeygain will pay a 10% commission every time someone uses your link to download the app.

Is the Honeygain App safe?

It’s recommendable to verify the legitimacy of a site before use. If you’ve been wondering whether the Honeygain app is safe, you don’t have to worry. Honeygain is not a scam as it pays money according to its policy. Despite using your internet data, the app doesn’t interfere with your confidential information.

How does Honeygain Payout?

Honeygain’s minimum payout is $20. Hence, you need to have accumulated that amount before you can withdraw it from your PayPal account. The app also deducts a service fee from the payout. For instance, if you are in the US, Honeygain will charge 2% of your earnings.

PayPal is the main mode of payment for Honeygain users; thus, you must have an active account. Receiving your earnings will depend on how long it takes to make the minimum amount ($20). Averagely, the duration is about 48 days.

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Honeygain Referral Code

The referral code is an easy way of signing up for Honeygain. If you’re not a user yet, you can get the referral link from your friend and earn $5 instantly after registering for your account.


The Honeygain app can be an effortless way of earning passive income if you’re not concerned about people using your internet.

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