How To Get Rid Of a Scrap Car By Using Cash For Cash Sales

How To Get Rid Of a Scrap Car By Using Cash For Cash Sales

If you want to get rid of your old rusty car, then this article is for you and you want to convert your junk car into money, then read this article carefully.

You might take one look at your junk car and be forced to call it garbage, but it’s not. What it is, is an additional piece of income. Having a vehicle you call a piece of junk can still fetch you a respectable amount of money when you can choose to sell it instead of letting it rot in your garage. Your interest is increasing. You will learn in this post how you can convert your trash to cache.

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What is a scrap car by law?

 A car may turn into a piece of junk after an accident or it may just age and emit harmful gases and pollute the environment. Such a car is declared a scrap car by law. If your car has been declared scrap, you are not authorized to drive it. So, the only option left with you is to sell your car. And whether you want to sell your car in scrap or the price of iron, it depends on you.

Since a car is mostly steel and iron, not being able to run smoothly on the road, the body and accessories are worth a lot which can ultimately fetch a good price for your car. If you are looking to sell a scrap car then you will need to know all the laws and legal documents that you will need to provide and we have sorted them all out for you. But first, you should know whether or not your car is scrap is based on your state’s regulations. And this rule may be different in all the states.

When does your normal car turn into a scrap car?

Generally, diesel vehicles older than 10 years and petrol vehicles older than 15 years are declared junk by the authorities. But, for each state, the laws may be different. Here’s a quick summary of what a car is not considered a junk car in various states:

Petrol/CNG/Diesel Delhi 15 Years Up to 10 Years Andhra Pradesh As long as the vehicle is in working condition Maharashtra Up to 15 years *Up to 15 years *Karnataka Till vehicle is in running condition Rajasthan As long as the vehicle is in working condition unless the vehicle is in running condition. walking position.

How should one opt to scrap the car and de-register the vehicle?

Since the government has not made any serious rules that apply uniformly across the country, it is difficult to have a standard procedure for scrapping a car. And the standards for declaring a car as scrap in all the states are different as well as there may be some variations state-wise or according to different RTOs, but generally, the process consists of the following steps:

  1. RC and handing over the chassis plate to the RTO

The owner’s RC and chassis plate will have to be handed over to the RTO concerned. If the RC is lost or damaged, you have to submit two copies of Form 26 along with a copy of the FIR. If your vehicle was financed, a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the bank has to be submitted along with the application. In case of loss of NOC, duplicate NOC is required. A duplicate NOC is easily available and can be got from the bank after paying a certain amount. The chassis plate is a sheet of metal with a unique code of worldwide numbers. Each vehicle has a unique chassis number and it acts as a unique ID for each vehicle. As stated in the law, the car user must submit this chassis plate to the RTO while declaring the car scrap. This ensures that your vehicle can no longer be used for any other activity and there will be no liability on your part if it is still used.

  1. Informing the RTO

The owner of the vehicle has to inform the RTO by submitting an application declaring the scrapping of a car.

  1. Cancellation of car registration from RTO records

The RTO thoroughly scrutinizes all the certificates submitted and also verifies whether there is any permanent balance against the vehicle in the form of lease, loan, challan, etc. Once satisfied with all the documents and dues, the car is declared scrap and will be removed from the RTO registers. Now your car can be cut into sheets or melted to extract the metal.

How To Sell A Scrap Car?

When selling your scrap car, you will need to provide a copy of your RC and bank NOC to the person or business that will be scrapping your car. Make sure to take your chassis number plate from them, inform the RTO and follow the procedure mentioned above to de-register the car from the RTO record.

There are certain steps to be followed to achieve the sale of your vehicle, and these steps are given below

  1. Get the Required Paperwork

Before selling your car, you need to obtain the necessary documents. You must have the title of your car, a document indicating that you are the owner of the car, and no one else. And you have the legal capacity and the right to legally sell your car.

  1. Drive Your Car

If your junk car is just old, you are in luck, as you can get some minimal alterations done to the vehicle by the mechanic, which will make it more presentable to your buyer and increase your sales. We don’t mean repairing every inch of the car, but cleaning away, sprinkling some air freshener to ward off musty odors, and taking into account minimal upgrades of any kind. Pay special attention to what the buyer might notice when they arrive at your car.

  1. Advertise the Car

 A junkyard is a great place to sell junk vehicles, but that doesn’t mean you can try to sell it yourself, especially if it means you’ll get a better deal. According to the Paper Writing Service, you can advertise using newspapers in the old school, especially if you want to connect with an older audience. If your junk car still drives but is old, then it makes sense to connect with the old audience. You can buy someone from the older generation who wants to buy what you are selling. Also, in this technological age, don’t forget to advertise online on various social media apps because you can get a young person from social media who are interested in your car. The cheapness of your junk car may be what such a person can afford.

  1. You have to contend with callers

You will get calls after tour ads, especially when your quoted price is low. You will surely be surprised by the number of people who will express interest, even if your car is old. Hence, you will have to deal with a lot of calls to help you locate genuine buyers for your car. You can simplify the screening process by not picking up the call and letting the call go directly to voicemail. Now you can use the person’s voice message to find out how serious they are about a purchase.

  1. Must arrange a test drive

Now that your car is being taken care of, if people approach you to buy, you allow them to test drive the car at the location you choose, and you will be with them for sure. Note that this only applies if your junk car is still moving.

  1. You Can Call Car Salvagers

It would be best if you are not worried that your car is idling. True, you won’t be able to sell it for a higher price, but you can still make some small profit by selling it to car salvagers. They will pay you based on how much your car weighs. In addition, car parts can be sold separately, and you can earn more.

  1. Plan Car Pickup Time

You are very excited. You are making some excellent progress in making money off your total junk car. Right now, the only roadblock is taking your car to the junkyard. You probably think you’ll have to get a tow truck to help you get your car to the junkyard, but the good news is that the rescue company has a tow truck that will come and get the car out of your hands. The bad news is you’ll lose some cash this way, but the lack of stress makes it worth it.

  1. Notify the appropriate authority of sale

Register your junk car sales with your local vehicle management department. Some countries require that such sales be filed with the police as well. You can log sales with your insurance company.

You can get rid of your scrap car by adopting all these methods and you have to take payment cash or checks, it depends on you as well as your buyer.

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