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How to get your first 1000 YouTube. Subscribers

How to get your first 1000 YouTube. Subscribers

10 easy ways by which you can put more audience want to generate those first 1000 subscribers on your YouTube channel? We show you 10 easy ways of doing that by putting your audience.

  1. Put Your Audience, Rather Than Revenue, First
  2. Break Your 1,000-Subscriber Goal Into Smaller Goals: 100, 250, 500, and So On…
  3. Define Your Value Proposition on YouTube
  4. Double Down on YouTube Content That Works
  5. Identify Which Videos Attract the Most Subscribers
  6. Create an Engaging YouTube Channel Trailer
  7. Take YouTube SEO Seriously
  8. Identify Your Pain Points Right Now
  9. Stay Weird. Be an Innovative YouTube Creator
  10. Engage Your YouTube Audience

Are you a YouTuber?Do you want more than 1000 subscribers? Then follow these tips.

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It probably takes some time to reach 1,000 subs. While there are some people who can get there in a few weeks or months, many YouTubers will take longer. No matter where you are, it is very important to put in the time and effort, no matter how fast. Without it, you will never pass a thousand subs.

Become an active part of the YouTube community? One thing you can do is add value to other channels and reach an entirely new audience. It views its content and posts excellent comments, either pinned or liked by the channel creator, and creates a conversation. When people engage in those conversations, they may think, “This video creator may have value on his own channel.” So, try to attract a new audience who may enjoy and subscribe to your content. For example, you get all kinds of excellent comments on our videos. I’m sure many other video creators read, agree, or disagree with those comments, create a conversation, and perhaps visit and subscribe to your channels. In a recent example, a video creator audited in one of our live streams attracted a significant number of new subscribers to our channel. He increased his subscriber base by 5% by contributing to our YouTube live stream.

Add a call to subscribe to your end screen.

Although you cannot add subscription links to YouTube cards during your video, you can add a subscribe button to your end screen. Play with graphics and animations for really powerful action.

Use resources to promote subscriber sign-ups

One way to encourage and subscribe to your viewers is to use animations in your videos to pop up the subscribe button. You can find all kinds of resources all over the internet. Try what suits you, and you may see a surge in your subscribers.

Directly Apply to your audience to subscribe.

There’s a mindset that suggests subscribers ask, which may seem a little disappointing, even cheese, but it’s just part of the YouTube fabric. 

People are asking you to break that Like button to improve the YouTube algorithm and engagement rate. I have not even commented on one of my videos complaining about asking subscribers, and you will never get it if you never ask.

Take advantage of your watermark branding.

The next step is to take advantage of branding our watermarks. When viewers click on this icon, it takes them directly to your channel, where they can subscribe after seeing more of your content. It is edited and created by the branding page of Creator Studios. Ensure the word “Subscribe” is included in your icon, not at the beginning or end of your video. You want to act as a visual distraction 30 to 45 seconds into the video.

Use a pinned comment to ask subscribers.

Another way to request your audience directly for a subscription is to write a comment and pin it to your videos. When you do this, the pinned comment will appear at the top of the comment list. Now again, I think honesty is the best policy. Be open and transparent. Tell your audience why you are pinning these comments and why you are requesting a subscription. This may be because you want to invest the money you earn back into the channel with new tools or products.

Use an auto-subscribe URL

Next is a little trick. Whenever you share your YouTube channel, add a command at the end of your link: www.youtube.com/vidiq?sub_confirmation=1. When users click on it, they will automatically ask you to subscribe to your channel before visiting your YouTube channel page.

Welcome to your YouTube channel homepage

Follow the theme of Encouraging Viewers to Subscribe and make sure your channel homepage is very welcome. Use a channel trailer and give a good description of what your channel is doing, including a good channel banner, and of course, a lot of playlists that tell viewers exactly what your channel is about. When you share videos, share the playlist video link. This means that when a viewer sees your video, they are in your playlist environment. They may watch more videos they like from your channel and finally subscribe.

Add a Subscribe CTA to your video description.

You can add a similar message to the video description of all your videos.

Post content on a regular and consistent basis

Our next tip may seem obvious, but it needs strengthening. Post new content regularly. For some viewers, it may take a video to convince them to subscribe to your channel. But for others, they may watch and enjoy a video, but they do not subscribe. And then, on their YouTube homepage, they never see a new video from you. They just watch and enjoy it, “Yeah, I just saw a few videos from this person. I enjoy their content. I’m going to subscribe.”

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Do your keyword research for titles, descriptions, and hashtags.

Similarly, knowing which keywords are relevant to your topic that people are already searching for on YouTube will help you title your new video and choose your hashtags. But this may be the inspiration for your next video topic. For example, suppose you have a YouTube channel on how to make a hornbeam at home. In that case, some basic keyword research may reveal that YouTube viewers are interested in choosing the right brewing pot, cleaning your brewing pot, or making a second fermentation. 

All of these topics can be their videos.SEO tools like Google Keyword Planner can help you identify the words and phrases people use to find the information you provide. Your goal is to find topics in a sweet place: low competition scores but high search volume. This allows you to avoid making videos that no one is looking for. Or no one can find videos with titles. Also, it will help you avoid creating content on an already highly competitive topic before you are ready. If you do not know where to start your keyword research, think about your search styles to search for content within your industry.


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