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Instagram Bio Ideas With Emojis

Instagram Bio Ideas With Emojis

Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps among today’s generation. This cool app not just provides a way to showcase our lives to our friends through our Insta stories but lets us discover the day-to-day happenings of our favorite celebrities. Moreover, we can connect with like-minded people who share our passions, hobbies, and interests is it cooking photography, or trekking. All these features add value to our lives and let us express ourselves with more freedom. But, there is something in this app that has the potential to make our online presence more stronger and vibrant. Here we are talking about your Instagram Bio.

What is Instagram Bio:  This is a space provided by Instagram to write briefly about yourself in almost 150 characters. You are allowed to use some cool emojis too along with the words describing yourself.


The need for a good bio: When someone visits your profile, he looks at your bio even before looking at your picture. Since the space provided here is not too long hence the words written about yourself here matter more. You should make a conscious effort to make an impressive Insta Bio. Here you show the world how you want to be known hence you should choose your words wisely. Many people use their Insta Bio not just for impressing their friends but to proliferate their businesses or to get job opportunities. You too can do that. Let’s discover some cool and useful ideas to get a truly impressive Insta Bio:

1.Brag your achievements:  Insta Bio can be a cool place to brag about your achievements because nothing is more impressive than success itself. You don’t need to be an Olympic gold medalist to brag about your achievements here. You can simply write, ‘’ winner at annual college chess tournament ‘’  you can use an emoji related to chess along with these words. ♟️ Other examples of achievement-based bio are, ‘’published author”, “Winner of physics Olympiad 2017”, “Cracked CAT exam with X percentile”.

  1. Write about your work: Although it seems an orthodox idea your digital presence becomes more strong when you write about your occupation because it adds authenticity to your profile. You don’t need to be a CEO or an IAS officer to write about your work. You just have to be truthful about your work. Some examples are, “Blogger”, “Ticket Collector at Indian railways”, “ Homemaker”,

“ Law student at Xyz University”. You can also add some cool emojis related to your work. Like “ 📷 🐨🐼 wildlife photographer”

  1. Write about your interests: Here you can write about your diversified interests and hobbies. This lets people know more deeply about you. Sometimes, it’s hard to tell about our interests and hobbies to people with whom we interact on the daily basis and we feel suffocated because of hiding our talents and hobbies. Introverts can relate to this situation better. Here, clearly mentioning our interests and hobbies makes our path easier in real life too. Some examples of instant bios mentioning their interests are – “nature lover”, “movie buff”, “ crazy for cricket”, “ heart beats for music”, “heart full of poetries”,“ Writing gives me wings, I speak my truth with my writings. But don’t forget to support your Insta Bio with some photos and stories related to your interests
  2. Write about your nature and habits: People who write authentically about their nature and habits are more impressive than those who try to become someone else to gain some attention. You can write about your likes, dislikes, and habits here. Some examples are: “ Day Dreamer, Night Owl”, “Hardcore foodie”, “ Operate better when alone”, “ I don’t hate people, but I prefer living alone”,

“Chai lover” etc. You can add emojis related to these lines if you want to look more eye-catching.

  1. Mention your Blogs, YouTube channel, and other social media platforms: These days social media is not limited to having fun. It’s becoming a source of generating money and promoting your business. You can gather an audience or connect with your potential employer by mentioning the address of your other social media accounts like LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter here. Some examples are: connect with me on my Youtube @:” link of your channel”
  2. Be philosophical and witty: you can write some of your original ideas or life wisdom philosophically in short sentences. These catchy lines always appear impressive if written profoundly. Some examples are: “ living alone is better than living with the wrong people”, “ why to worry about what I am doing?”, “ I like to do my own thing, don’t you?”, “ cease to hope and you will cease to fear”, “ what’s there in bio?”
  3. Try some humor: Sense of humor is considered one of the most attractive qualities of human personality. Trying some humor in your bio will make a positive impact on people coming to peep at your Insta account. You can create your own funny punchlines or borrow something funny from the movies. But remember, there should be a class in your humor and it should never appear cheap.

Some examples of bios with humor are: “ Rahul, Naam to Suna hi Hoga”,” Beware, I throw the bombs of Philosophy on people who read my bio”, “ I know you are thinking how weird I am while reading my Bio”, “ Happiness is a new Lipstick”. “ Relationship status: Netflix and Pizza”

  1. Why not add something from your native language? Social media has provided ways to express yourself beautifully in your native languages. When you write something powerful or linguistically beautiful in your own language, it becomes more attractive. You can choose some couplets from a great author, an inspiring line from any song of your language or you can write your own lines. If possible, write these lines in you’re native scripts. Don’t worry, interested people can google about these lines

Some examples are “ Ruk Jana Nahi Tu kahin haar ke”, “ jodi tor daak shune keo na tobe ekla Chalo re”.

  1. Do you have a cause? Write about it in your bio section: Do you care about some issues like environmental degradation, habitat loss, human trafficking, etc, and want to raise your voice about these issues? You can be purposeful with your bio and write about the causes you care about. You can make an influence on the world by making people aware of your cause. This will also make a positive impression about your personality on others. Many people related to the same cause may connect with you and you can take some real steps along with them. Some examples are “ I care deeply about the climate change”, “ I support veganism”, “ let’s support our friends who can’t speak for themselves”.
  2. Reflect positivity and inspiration:

A positive personality is the most attractive one. And the few words you wrote about yourself in the Insta bio should reflect hope about life in general. You can use some inspiring quotes in your Insta Bio. Some examples are: “ Logic Will take you from A To B, imagination will take you everywhere- Albert Einstein”, “ Integrity is doing the right thing when no one is watching.- C.S. Lews”, “ An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind- Mahatma Gandhi”. “You will be punished by your anger and not for your anger- Gautam Budhha”. “Positivity brings productivity”, “ Dream big, work hard”,” Be humble, hustle hard”.

  1. Mentioning your geographical location creatively: Another way of engaging people more vibrantly is to mentioning the information related to your geographical location. You can use information related to your birthplace or the city you are currently living in. Some examples are “ An Indauri studying in Jaipur”, “ A Gujrati married to a Bihari”, “ From the city of Joy”, “ From Spice capital of India”, “ From God’s own country”.
  2. Mention your skills and qualifications: For using Instagram professionally, you need to use it more deliberately to attract potential customers or employers. Enlisting your skills briefly will make your profile much more impactful than the other candidates. Some examples are, “ I write about behavior science and habits”, “ my skills are content writing, quiz making, and creative writing”, “ typing Speed 70wpm”.” I am good at web designing, logo making, and animation.”

Along with that, you can use the “ call to action “ button if you want to proliferate your business with the help of  Instagram.

Till now we have discovered some ideas about creating impactful Instagram. Let’s combine these ideas and see how they appear with some examples.

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Example 1 :

Chess champion at college ♟️

Movie buff 🍿

Nature lover 💚

Mumbaikar living in Bangalore.

Prefer to work alone.

Example 2:

A fun-loving guy, working as an HR at HCL technologies. I care about gender equality. I love to play cricket in my free time

Example 3:

What’s there in my Bio?

Final Thoughts:  So we saw how having a good  Insta bio can not just impress our friends and make our presence more impactful among them but also attract our potential employers and help us do some meaningful work be it generating money or positively impacting the World.  So, why not try some of these ideas and create a truly impressive Insta bio right now?

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