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For Depression and Anxiety, Running Is a Unique Therapy

For Depression and Anxiety, Running Is a Unique Therapy

Hello friends, welcome to rkwebnews. Today we are going to talk about depression and anxiety, running is a unique therapy.

Depression and anxiety can trouble anyone. Sometimes they reach such a dangerous level that even getting out of bed becomes a challenge. You also have to struggle hard to handle your daily chores. That’s why you don’t feel like exercising when you are sad or upset.

Author Ben Michaelis (Ph.D.), an evolutionary clinical psychologist, says, “The body is the mind, and the mind is the body. When you take care of yourself, you are helping your entire body function smoothly.”

Research suggests that adults should do 150 to 300 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise every week. Some of these exercises are also such, which are more beneficial for your mental health than others. This is the reason why such exercise must be included in your daily routine. Also, you can do running. We will discuss it further.

What are anxiety and depression?

It is a mental illness in which the patient experiences negative thoughts, anxiety, and fear, along with intense restlessness. For example, the sudden trembling of hands, sweating, etc. If it is not treated properly on time, then it can be very dangerous and can also cause epilepsy. Later on, the patient can also harm himself.

In its simplest form, depression is an emotion that arises when one is faced with potential danger, loss, or threats. Anxiety can also be thought of as an instinct that prompts and alerts the individual to be on his guard.

Think of it as a way of warning your mind that something isn’t right, or that action is needed to avoid harm or distress. It is important to understand that anxiety is not inherently negative; This feeling, while discomforting, is essential to one’s survival. Imagine if people never felt anxious, even in situations that could be potentially fatal.

If you’ve ever experienced anxiety, you’ll be familiar with the symptoms and telltale signs. For starters, you may start sweating, feel an increase in heart rate, and suddenly feel your senses elevated. These reactions are commonly referred to as fight-or-flight triggers; When humans are facing anxiety-provoking situations, they can often take the aggressive route and fight through it.

Freezing, the inactive option, is another reaction that usually occurs in certain situations. There is no answer on which course of action is most appropriate. Each situation is different and unique. There are other times to fight and to fly. It ultimately comes down to the judgment call.

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Common Reasons of Anxiety and Depression

Do you often worry about the past?

Do you often fret about the future?

Do you often feel hyper-aged (sweating, rapid pulse, clammy hands) during your waking hours?

Do you often feel short of breath?

Do you ever shut down (fall asleep, give up) in a state of stress?

Do you often feel tired or unable to concentrate?

Are you irritable, amorous, moody, or restless?

Is your workplace or home extremely cluttered?

Do you isolate or avoid other people?

Do you feel overwhelmed, as if your life is spinning out of control?

Anxiety, depression, and stress are rampant in the West, as people rush to fill their lives with material things and activities to find the meaning of life. However, many Americans are finding that clutter detracts from it, rather than improves the quality of life. Amidst the chaos of life, more Americans than ever are suffering from the effects of stress–along with diagnosable anxiety and depression.

Anxiety disorder can also be caused by any type of disease related to the body, such as thyroid, asthma, sugar, or heart disease. People who are under stress can also fall prey to it. For example, if a person is suffering from depression for a long time, then his way of working and the way of doing things start to decline.

Some people want to do everything exactly the right way, which society also calls perfectionists, but this can become a big problem because things do not necessarily go according to them and when it does not happen, they become mentally worried.

Running and walking is the best therapy for depression and anxiety


We all know that running is the best exercise for physical health, but you might not know that it is equally beneficial for your mental health. It can help you burn calories, reduce fat and lower your risk of heart diseases. According to a 2014 study, running for just five minutes a day can help you stay active for longer.

It is also beneficial for your mental health in various ways. Permanent changes occur in the good neurotransmitters, serotonin, and norepinephrine, during and after running.

In a 2006 study published in the Journal of Psychiatry and Neuro Sciences, researchers proved that exercise works similarly to antidepressants. It has very good results. For some people, it makes it easier to sleep, for some, it proves to help reduce stress.


Getting outside and exercising is known to be great for both physical and mental health, and this is why hiking is a part of this list. Nature has a calming effect on your mind. Various research also proves that walking can help you reduce the level of depression and anxiety.

In a 2009 study published in Environmental Health and Preventive Medicine, Japanese researchers sent participants hiking. Those who did the 20-minute hike had lower levels of stress hormones.

Another 2015 study in the journal Landscape and Urban Planning found that when adults went on a 50-minute walk in nature, their anxiety levels were lower and their memory function improved.

Running is one of the best therapy for anxiety and depression

If you have a complaint of depression, then start running along with taking medicines from today. Running is a complete exercise in itself. This benefits every part of the body.

By running, energy is transmitted in the body and it also improves blood circulation, which reduces the risk of many diseases as well as boosts the immune system. According to a recent study, if a person is suffering from depression or tension, then running daily or a few times a week will be very beneficial for him.

Depression is a psychological stage in which a person loses control over himself and is unable to lead a balanced life. Sometimes the situation becomes so bad that people start thinking of committing suicide. During this time in some people, symptoms like feeling more hungry, being depressed, crying without talking are seen.

In such a situation, by running, the mind is diverted in the other direction and negative thoughts come less. Running not only makes the body strong but also brings mental stability. Running releases a hormone called endomorphin which helps calm the mind.

However, scientists have made it clear that one should start by running some distance. After this, the running time should be increased gradually. By doing this, one can easily come out of depression.

There is an anxiety, a fear prevailing in every person about something or the other. Frequent worrying, anxiety, showing signs of stress also push towards depression. Mental disorders like depression should not be taken lightly. In this bad mood, feeling sad, sitting alone are very common symptoms. When the situation becomes more serious, then the victim also makes up his mind to commit suicide.

It is a mental problem, but if it is more of a problem, depression can affect not only the mind but also the body. However, if you start running regularly, it can also get rid of depression.


If you are also a victim of depression or anxiety in your life. So the best therapy may be running and walking. Therefore, by applying it in your life, you can stay away from depression and anxiety.

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