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Medicinal importance of Ginger Benefits of ginger in everyday life

Medicinal importance of Ginger Benefits of ginger in everyday life

The ginger plant is basically originated from southeast Asia and is a flowering plant. It is considered one of the healthiest and delicious spices in India. Its appearance closely resembles turmeric, cardamom, and galangal. The underground stem of the plant, known as the rhizome is used as a spice. It is often designated as a ginger toot, or simply a root.

Different preparations of ginger as a spice

Ginger all over can be used in the fresh stem, dried, or powdered, or maybe in the juice form. It is one of the commonest spicy ingredients in major Indian recipes. It is also added in some cosmetic products as well as in some processed foods. Apart from the spice ingredient, ginger has major medicinal values.

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Why should you add ginger to your regular diet?

  1. Weight loss- according to many studies ginger plays a vital role in weight loss. It has a very positive effect on obesity and weight loss in the human body. The habit of having one teaspoon of ginger water every morning helps to boost certain mechanisms in our body which helps to burn a certain number of calories.

2. Gingerol- ginger is used as a medicine and traditional alternative therapy for ages. It basically helps in proper digestion and protects and prevents common flu and cold. Gingerol is a unique natural oil that is present in ginger which adds a fragrance and medicinal value to it. It is the main bioactive compound responsible for certain medicinal properties like anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant.

  1. Home remedy for morning sickness- ginger because of its fragrance has been proven to be effective against home remedies for morning sickness and nausea. Pregnancy-related morning sickness is treated by consuming ginger water in the morning. It is considered to be the safest home remedy for morning sickness.
  2. Remedy for osteoarthritis- Osteoarthritis is a common elderly disease with symptoms like joint pain and stiffness due to joint degenerations. The most common site for this disease in the human body is the knee. According to some studies, ginger has been proven as a home remedy to reduce pain to some extent. Consuming daily 500 milligrams to 1-milligram ginger helps to reduce the pain.
  3. Treatment for chronic indigestion and common bowel problems- recurrent stomach pain, delayed emptying of the stomach are common problems that can be cured by the consumption of ginger in everyday life. By studies, it has proven that people who consume ginger regularly in their routine diet have to speed up emptying of the stomach and are free from normal gastritis and bowel dysfunctions.
  4. Anti-diabetic property- research has been proved that ginger has a dramatic effect on lowering blood sugar levels in diabetic patients. It has also an exponential effect on lowering the HbA1c marker in diabetic patients. It also reduces the risk of heart diseases which are linked with high blood sugar levels.
  5. Remedy for menstrual pain- females have a common problem of severe menstrual pain and discomfort during the monthly menstrual cycle. As a traditional remedy for ages, ginger is used as a pain reliever in menstrual pain. It is recommended to consume ginger before the initiation of menstruation to relieve the pain.
  6. Lowers the cholesterol level- another disease linked with a high risk of heart attack is high cholesterol level. There are proven studies that recommend consuming ginger that significantly reduces the LDL level and total cholesterol level from the body.
  7. Anti-cancer property- as ginger is reached in anti-oxidants and free radicals it appears that ginger can be helpful as a protective and preventive against cancer and other diseases.
  8. Remedy for Alzheimer’s disease- Alzheimer’s disease is a result of chronic oxidative stress and inflammation in the ongoing aging process. Many studies suggest that ginger can help protect against age-related damage and diseases of the brain. It also helps in boosting brain functions in humans.
  9. Immunity booster- ginger as an immunity booster helps to prevent many infectious bacterial and viral diseases. It also helps in gingivitis which is also known as inflammatory gum disease. It is effective against the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) and common other respiratory diseases. The dried form of the ginger when consumed with turmeric powder and honey helps to cure chronic bronchitis and respiratory tract inflammation.
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Ginger is a spice with a high amount of bioactive and nutritive value. It is a compound with lots of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory elements. It is one of the spices which should be regularly added in everyday home recipes to boost the health of the heart and brain. It helps reduce oxidative stress which is one of the commonest reasons and initiation of any disease in the body. One can consume ginger in everyday preparations like tea, lemon water, juices, vegetables, and many more.

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