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Secrets That You Know While Selecting The Co-working Space

Secrets That You Know While Selecting The Co-working Space

Coworking spaces are becoming increasingly popular in recent years, and for a good reason. It can undoubtedly be a good option for startups and new entrepreneurs as well as large companies to foster creativity, network, and employees. Several such studies have found that open office layouts harm employee performance, with constant background noise and other distractions leading to high-level stress and emotional exhaustion. On the other hand, recent global research found that 74% of employees feel more productive after working in place of coworkers.

“You are the product of your environment. So choose the environment that will best develop you toward your objective”

William Clement Stone, originator of the Positive Mental Attitude,

Finding the right work location directly affects productivity. Whether you have a start-up or you are a freelancer. You know that finding the right place to work is the golden key. Earlier they had to work from home or cafe or had to rent expensive office space, which would drain the entire budget. Thankfully, there is now a place for co-working in almost all countries of the world to solve the problems faced by thousands of employees and freelancers every day. It can meet all the requirements from conducting client meetings to working in a different area for the required hours. This is absolutely true when choosing a location; We don’t bother much and complain about various issues. To avoid this, first of all, you need to be very careful. Apart from setting the budget; There are many other aspects that you need to judge.

As coworking popularity continues to grow, more and more people are questioning what exactly is the coworking space? In this comprehensive article, you will learn the secrets you should know while choosing a coworking space, how to choose a good coworking space (some things you should look for, some things you should avoid), how to go about such a space people from the U.S. can take advantage of, and we’ll take a look at any other common questions you may have. Wondering if a coworking space is right for you? Maybe, may not be… Let’s find out.

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What should be the coworking space?

Generally speaking, the definition of coworking is considered when people gather in a neutral location to work independently on different projects or in groups on the same projects. This differs from a typical office workspace because coworkers in a coworking environment will typically not be working for the same company. Groups of other companies are operating there, just like your group. Coworking spaces give you the convenience of a traditional office plus much more that you might need. One big difference is flexibility because you don’t need to sign a long-term lease in a coworking space.

Any new entrepreneur can book a table for himself at the coworking space. He can also book this table daily or when he needs it, it can be according to his budget and requirement. Both types of provisions remain in this, one gets the option of permanent placement and the other based on need. Each coworking space always has the basics available like Wi-Fi, a printer, usually, some sort of conference room and some may have tea, coffee, and snacks available. Some may have digital assets at your disposal, and even startup resources ranging from coaches and mentors. Some may have modern new technology printers and other technology that you don’t always have access to. Some budget-conscious coworking spaces are more barebones, providing little more than a desk and WiFi but their budget is correspondingly high.

What types of coworking spaces may be available?

Coworking spaces are available in all kinds of sizes and shapes. When you research the location of coworking space, you have to keep a lot of things in mind. Which we will discuss further in this article. In this section, we’re going to break down the main types of coworking spaces that are available.

  1. Industry-Specific
  2. Private Workspaces
  3. Open Workspaces
  4. Venture/Incubators

Secrets that you know while selecting the co-working space

  1. Office Environment

Did you know that light, temperature, humidity, and noise are very important factors that quietly affect your productivity? Some places may be too hot or too cold for the person. You need to know that you will be comfortable enough to work. In addition, you need to find the right place that has privacy, with the best lighting. Also, have a comfortable temperature.

  1. Flexibility

It has been proven in a huge survey and in which 80% of employees said that they are more productive when they change places while working. Flexible work in terms of location and working hours has become a priority for professionals across all industries. If you find that a change of scenery increases your productivity, see if your coworking membership plan includes a dedicated desk or the ability to move around.

  1. Privacy

One of the best benefits of working in coworking spaces can be that you can meet different people and build your new and bigger network. You need privacy for your job too. They should provide separate meeting rooms or videoconference facilities so that you can do your work safely. A peer environment proves to be a great opportunity for fruitful networking and fruitful collaboration. Who knows, you might be sitting right next to the best web developer in town who can easily fix you up with a brand new webpage?

  1. Ambiance

The workplace environment proves to be a very important factor for your coworkers. However, there is no one perfect workplace because people like it the way they like it. While some people like it as much as the office to give them the complete office feel, many others prefer it more casually. You look at the location as per your requirement and at the same time choose the one that suits your aesthetics and increases productivity. However, you shouldn’t overlook the scope of networking here either.

  1. High-Speed ​​Internet

A good high-speed internet also makes your coworkers as fast as internet speed because if your internet is slow, then employees will also gradually do their work. Home is where there is good Wi-Fi. No matter if you’re only using the Internet for email and Facebook or you’re uploading heavy files to the cloud, if you move your work somewhere with a strong and reliable Internet connection, you’re sure You can do yourself a huge favor. The good thing is that most coworking locations make sure the Wi-Fi is up to speed, but it would be a good foresight to inquire about it and test it yourself.

  1. Good Coffee, Good Food and Other Perks

Drinking good food is also essential for a healthy body. In addition to a workspace that helps you focus, it’s equally important to find a coworking space that accommodates everything you need to maximize your productivity. It will also prove beneficial for your employees. Most places also offer additional amenities such as gym areas, parks to do yoga, children’s playrooms and other facilities, outdoor patios, and more. Complimentary coffee and tea are pretty common, so it might be a good idea to test it out beforehand if you’re going to drink it every day.

  1. Location and Area

Even this small secret can prove to be very big for you. This should be pretty obvious, as you are probably going to choose a coworking space near you. Nevertheless, it is important to assess where the location is located in terms of transportation and the neighboring area. Check if there is a bus or subway line nearby. Estimate how long it might take you to get there on foot, by bike, or with an Uber. Ask if there is any parking nearby and what the fees are. It’s also wise to consider what your potential customers will think of the area as you leave for the meeting.

  1. Security

Security is something that comes first in the mind of man because man wants to be safe everywhere. Unless carrying your laptop around isn’t a problem, you want a place that you can feel safe leaving your work in for lunch or overnight. Be sure to check what security measures are in place, especially if the location is open all day and all night. You should not take this lightly.

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