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Social Media Reporting Tools

Now, we’ll discuss a few of the finest Social Networking Analysis and Reporting Tools that exceeded our predictions in 2021, but first, let’s reiterate the value of monitoring.

Only with the expansion of social media platforms as well as the percentage of subscribers globally reaching 3.484 billion (9 percent more than in 2018! ), it has become more necessary than ever to interpret the secret knowledge underlying the whole of your media platforms actions.

You’ll conduct some research and investigation to discover this buried treasure. Capturing, tracking, assessing, outlining, and visualizing data from social media to enable interactions whilst also revealing meaningful information and intellectual ability for you to generate social media marketing strategy, recognize your digital outreach efforts, and sustain a competitive advantage over other products is what Social Media Reporting is all about.

1. SumAll

SumAll is the best when it comes to social media reporting. You may use this free tool to automate a lot of social media marketing. Its social media marketing, in addition to organizing and tracking, helps in tracking your social media, ad, and sales statistics. It stores your data on a graphical web dashboard and provides you a weekly e-mail report so you can stay on top of the big picture.

2. Netbase

Netbase is the thing to predict whenever it relates to Next Generation AI-powered analysis. The stack of technical solutions and methodologies used only to analyze social media, especially social interactions and developing trends, is known as social media intelligence (SMI or SOCMINT). This information is then evaluated and put to use in a variety of ways, including the creation of useful content and the making of business choices.

Its use of speech recognition to monitor social discussions online and discover broader looks as they connect your major aspects, products, and ideas is defined as community sentiment analysis.

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All social metrics, social networking listenings, consumer surveys, competition analysis, Global Sentiment classification, and social media management services are included in the customer relationship management report.

The software also includes image analytics and customer interaction analytics. This technology is used by global businesses like Taco Bell, Coca-Cola, and Yum! to watch social media conversations about their brands and make crucial marketing choices.

3. Sprout Social

Platforms are divided into Monitoring, Interaction, Posting, Listening, Cooperation, and Management by Sprout Social. Let’s concentrate on analytics for a moment.

With presentation-ready network, content, team, and productivity reports, you can track performance across channels and let your statistics tell the narrative. It has 18 distinct activity reports, including task reports, team reports, Facebook competitor reports, and more. When evaluating sponsored vs organic impressions and fans earned, you can see how your advertising spend affects your company page growth by analyzing the ROI of your purchased activity.

The most basic package is $99 per month for a user and offers 5 social profiles.

4. Buffer

Buffer provides three major types of features and several add-ons to help you navigate your social media accounts.

Buffer Release is essential if you want to expand your social media following and brand. On one easy dashboard, you can plan, schedule, and publish content for Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Researchgate, and you can collaborate with your coworkers on approvals and modifications. With a minimum purchase of $15 per month for Professional, you may also choose between Premium and Business Plans, based on the demands of your team and business.

If you want to respond to consumer care on social media, Buffer Reply is the way to go. It’s never been easier to check your email and respond to inquiries! Buffer Reply allows you to respond to all of your social discussions and support requests from a single collaborative team email across Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. You may also assign discussions to the appropriate team member, check who else is watching a discussion, and create drop-down remarks for your group and see for reference purposes. Automatic and stored responses, as well as shortcut keys and urgency labeling, are quite beneficial. Buffer Reply provides an overall and comprehensive report to analyze the volume, processing time, and productivity of your customer support team…

Buffer Analyze is an application built for Facebook and Instagram. You can watch your Facebook and Instagram performance and generate results from a single dashboard. Buffer Analyze is the way to go if you want a deeper knowledge of your audience demographics, account statistics, story & post analytics, the “best” postings, and much more!

5.     Socialbakers

The Socialbakers website development application evaluates and assesses your social channels’ effectiveness, allowing you to generate more unique content, build new advertising campaigns, make judgments based on AI suggestions, calculate ROI, and forecast future involvement.

You may control your work throughout numerous accounts in one collaborative calendar with your coworkers and publish to each of your social media platforms from one simple implementation. Using the Audience Analytics software, you may use an AI-driven platform to streamline your audience research. Depending on your own social and digital data, you’ll see the perfect online persona profiles for your business in seconds. You may also expect to notice changes in your viewership with time.

The Social Media Analytics tool will assist you in doing Facebook to Instagram comparisons to evaluate how your approach stacks up against your primary competitor or top 10 look-alike sites. In PPTX, XLS, or PDF forms, you may save and distribute your report. The Content Analytics tool will assist you in delving further into A. I created Content Hub to gather information and analytics from all digital platforms to assist you in bringing innovative and lovable information.

They also provide customer and contributor interaction, content intelligence, customer relations, and a social media marketing suite in addition to their social media administration and analysis equipment.

6. Hootsuite

Whether you’re familiar with social media management, you’ve probably heard of Hootsuite. Hootsuite concentrates on small and medium-sized businesses and companies and has been a leading company for a long period of time. It would be the most commonly utilized system for developing social media, with over 18 million members worldwide.

From statistics to projects to connections to the app catalog, Hootsuite has a lot to offer. With its entire analytics tool, you may obtain an overview of important data, limitless real-time reports, and team performance assessment across all social networks. You may modify results and publish these in PDF, Excel, or PowerPoint formats using over 200 metrics.

Even, Hootsuite University offers a variety of tutorials and degree programs, including Digital ROI and Supplier Evaluation, Professional Social Media Planning, and learning for specialized industries such as financial services, investment firms, activism, and more.

With a starting price of $19.99 monthly and a free trial of 30 days, you may want to take a chance and discover all it has to provide!

7.  Agora Pulse

The Facebook Rivals Graphical Analysis from Agorapulse compares how connected your followers are to those in their community. You may also obtain a content report and a configurable CSV file for more in-depth research.

Planning process and reaction time reports; CSV file of the content report; customizable date distances, Facebook ROI update, labeled digital distribution document, PowerPoint install of global statistics study of global content and rival company stats, report for Instagram stories, and many more are all available for social media reporting.

Of over 17,000 brand managers utilizing Agora Pulse daily, we’ve found it to be simple, efficient, and sufficient for small and medium-sized businesses.

8.  Keyhole

Using Keyhole’s Social Media Analytics and Media Monitoring API, you may build/strengthen your own data platforms. You can use Keyhole’s API to get data from Social media, Twitter, Google, Pinterest, and a huge number of newspapers, weblog, and community websites.

Keyhole utilizes Movement Examples to study whether phrases are gaining momentum and appearing in discussions more frequently, as well as which ones are losing favor. Hashtag analytics is the greatest method to see how well your campaigns are doing. Keyhole seems to be the only hashtag monitoring tool that employs machine learning and artificial intelligence to forecast how hashtags will function in the coming week, month, and year. That said, they can help you forecast how much interaction, reach, and impressions it will receive before it happens, so you can adjust your strategy to meet your objectives and understand whenever you’re on schedule.

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You may construct real-time dashboards that you can distribute with customers, or you can save your analysis in PDF or CVS files. Apart from that, Keyhole provides highly specialized answers and information that are not available from any other social media analytics platform, like competitor analysis, management, media advertising and tagging, market analysis, remote monitoring, and much more. Keyhole is used by Mashable, Google, the United Nations, L’Oreal, Ogilvy, and many more well-known companies.


Singles, digital marketing services, businesses, and freelance social media workers may all benefit from Sociality.io’s social media management service. There are more essential features beyond these fundamental ones, such as publishing material in multiple domains at once, delivering scheduled content to your coworkers for supervisor clearance, and monitoring information.

You may export quick reports of all accounts as PowerPoint or Excel files using their reporting tool. One can benefit your organization and build a more compelling content plan with thorough fan, impact, and engagement statistics. Here you’ll find tooltips, team activity measures, historical statistics, and much more!

With such a minimum bid of $3 monthly and a 14-day free subscription service, you can see why companies like WPP, Ogilvy, and Havas choose Sociality!

10.  Brand24

Brand24 comes with a web-based platform that displays real-time data and extensive information about your material and viewership.

They utilize sophisticated sentiment recognition to distinguish good, negative, and neutral remarks using automatic sentiment analysis, and you get an instant alert message. And, using mention analytics, you can observe who is aware of the brand web and gain knowledge into who is talking about it. You may create automatic PDF reports,.xls files, and infographics using your data.

Now just go forth and choose one to start enhancing your marketing reach!

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