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Sports and healthy life- a general review

Sports and healthy life- a general review

Sports are known to be a vital element of routine day-to-day life. It has a major impact on a person’s daily life and health. It not only adds a basic benefit of a fresh routine but also helps in maintaining a healthy body and mind. Seeking the benefits of sports and adding them to our day-to-day life has become very crucial and essential in our current stressful life. A sport is very essential to maintain a healthy mind too in this busy and unhealthy routine life. Basic and normal physical activity that one can craft in everyday routine includes normal and evening walks, jogging, running, bicycling, stretching, and if possible other cardio exercises.

Sports and general healthy

  1. Helps in controlling weight- The major issue nowadays the major population of the Middle-Aged is facing a disease known as obesity- excess weight. This major issue of obesity is a result of an imbalance between the proper diet, sleep, and physical activity. Obese people are on the higher side of the risk for developing unwanted sub-clinical diseases like hypertension, diabetes, and other heart-related diseases. Here any form of physical activity helps a person to sweat and burn the extra fat and calories incorporated in our body which weights our body. It helps to tone and shape our bodies. Different levels of sports and physical activity burns these all-extra fats and helps us to control our weight.
  2. Helps in lowering hypertension– High blood pressure which is known as hypertension in clinical language. All over the world, people suffer from hypertension. Hypertension is linked with other basic health risks like stroke and heart diseases. Regular normal physical activities and sports break this mechanism of hypertension and help to reduce it. Sports like normal morning and evening walks, jogging, and stretching are all one needs to maintain normal blood pressure. The people who are majorly suffering from hypertension are classically and highly recommended to have a normal daily physical activity depending upon the time and age.
  3. Helps in maintaining the cholesterol level- Cholesterol is unwanted lipids that are accumulated in various parts of our body. Higher cholesterol leads to direct effects on the heart and leads to atherosclerosis or heart attack. This cholesterol mostly blocks our blood system and causes infarction. In this sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle, most people suffer from high cholesterol and heart diseases. As per the studies, after a certain age of 30s people usually tend to have high cholesterol levels. Playing every day some sports or doing physical activities helps us to reduce our cholesterol levels.
  4. Increases blood circulation in the body- Blood circulation is very important for our body to function properly. High blood circulation improves the overall health of the organs. It supplies proper oxygen and nutrients required by the potentially vital organs of the body like kidneys, lungs, and brain. Any sports activity increases blood circulation in the body. The body experiences well oxygenation and is more active. During sweating, because of our normal body mechanism of releasing necessary hormones and elements while physical activities, it indirectly helps in maintaining our body and mind active and healthy. Because of proper blood circulation its further propionate in increasing the blood volume and count. While physical activity, our heart, pumps faster which helps to make our heart muscle stronger and healthy. As it increasing the daily pumping rate of the heart, at the cellular level it increases a healthy life span of mitochondria and other cellular elements. Fiber contents are also increased ultimately giving a person nice muscle mass and a healthy digestive system.
  5. Improves immunity- better and active immunity is must be required in this lifestyle and situation of upcoming countless viruses and bacterial infections. Leading a healthy life needs to improve our immune system who is efficient enough to fight against the primary infections of the body. Sports and any kind of physical activity boost our oxygen level and the production of new cells in the body. Sweating and expiration during the exercise flush out the toxins and bacteria from our bodies. Exercise causes an increase in the production rate of white blood cells and antibodies which are known as the first line of defense for our body against any infection. The acute and brief rise in the temperature during any physical activity makes an unfavorable condition for bacteria to grow and finally, the bacteria are destroyed.
  6. Improves mental health and state- There are basic happy hormones and chemical elements which are released during our natural regular physical exercise. These hormones help us to be stress-free and happy. The natural body system has a phenomenon of releasing these hormones regularly but the difference is when a person exercises, these hormonal levels are elevated and keeps our body and mind happy and active. Simple exercise and sport keep us away from mental diseases like depression by elevation of hormones. It keeps our mind calm and helps us to concentrate and focus on the work. It also helps in making our memory power sharp.
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Sports and life lessons

Sports and any form of physical activity are not only important for a healthy mind and body but also teach us many life lessons and qualities that should be incorporated into our life. It helps us learn the qualities like-

  • Resilience- it makes us learn about how to face difficulty in life with a positive approach and spending energy on getting the solution of the difficulty. It makes us learn to be strong and tough. Sport teaches to be flexible and durable in every extreme condition. It gives us a positive approach of never-failing without trying.
  • Leadership– every person is different with their inner qualities. Some people are frank and jovial, extrovert and some are introvert, shy, and not much into exploration. Sport teaches us to become a leader- a state where you have to organize a group of people. A position where you have to be calm and composed and taking the best decision one can without any concept of fear.
  • Accountability- another easy word to describe this quality is responsibility. Sports teaches us to justify and take responsibility for something and take authority as a leader.
  • Respect– the most important quality of respecting the co-mates, our family and friends no matter what the age is of the person we should always respect them and always be humble and polite. It is known to be the deepest admiration for my fellow mates and everyone.
  • Teamwork- it is always said the together and collaborated efforts are paid more worthy. It is one of the basic qualities tough to us from any sports activity. To listen, understand, admire, and let go of some of the things of the batchmates in a team makes us more good humans. Teamwork qualities help us grow extra-ordinality in society. In any office work or house maker work, when done with a skilled and effortful team, the ultimate result is always rewarded.
  • Patience– is a simple way it is said that the ability to endure any long wait calmly and to deal with the hurdles in our path with active and compost mental health. Getting frustrated with simple life problems and irritated by the surrounding is a sign of a coward people. Dealing with each problem patiently makes us wise and intelligent in the real sense.
  • Discipline- it is known to be a practice which someone makes us do to obey any rules or punishment in a literal meaning. Actually, any sport is connected with self-discipline and ethics. Self-discipline is to do correct and ethical things as per the situation and not making frustrating discussions. To obey every rule of any institution and to respect them makes us more ethical in society.
  • Confidence- self-confidence is an inner magical element of any human being that boosts one to do any task. all these qualities like such are curated inside us because of any sport or physical activity.
  • Courage- courage is known to be something about bravery. A brave act of either helping anyone needy or courageous act of saving someone’s life comes from a sports activity. Move swiftly in a situation of emergency and helping the needy is a quality that comes from a sportsperson.
  • Enthusiasm- living life with sheer happy enthusiasm and goal is the ultimate inner happiness one can cultivate.
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Take away message

Apart from every level and sense of education, we learn either from a professional institute which holds an importance in our lives, but some qualities and lessons that sports and physical activities teach us are also important. Regulate and curate your everyday routine with minimal physical activity to be more cheerful and happy.

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