The Best Packaged Drinking Water Manufacturer

The Best Packaged Drinking Water Manufacturer

Hello friends, welcome to rkwebnews. Today we are going to talk about the best-packaged drinking water manufacturer.

Bottled water has become a necessity for all of us now. As far as possible for cleanliness and health, we all buy and drink bottled water outside the house.

Bottled which comes packed in plastic or glass bottles, which are available in many sizes. It can be seen in many places like airports, retail shops, etc. Brands that package bottled water take responsibility for protecting natural resources.

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What is packaged Drinking Water?

It is water derived from varied sources as well as surface, ground, or ocean and subjected to treatment like decantation, filtration, demineralization, mineralization, and reverse diffusion. The packaged water is additionally disinfected before being packed so it doesn’t get contaminated until consumed at intervals at a selected time.

The packaged potable shall be stuffed in sealed containers of assorted compositions, forms, and capacities that are appropriate for direct consumption while not additional treatment. Just in case demineralization may be a part of the treatment method, the ingredients used shall be of food-grade quality and adapt to the wants set by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India and rules framed under it.

There are two types of water that we buy from the market. One packaged drinking water and the other mineral water. Generally, the water we buy is packaged drinking water and not mineral water. Now the question arises that what is the difference between the two?

1. Packaged Drinking Water

If you understand in simple language, packaged drinking water is clean drinking water, that’s all. Whatever water we are bought by paying Rs 20, 30, 40 is packaged drinking water. It is prepared by purifying tap water. Just like we clean water with a water purifier installed in the house. Companies use a chemical process like reverse osmosis to purify the water and then pack it in a bottle. Minerals are common in this water. Some companies work on increasing minerals and some do not.

2. Mineral Water

Companies work a little harder on this water. The name is mineral water, so all the mineral elements are taken care of in it. This water is taken from such natural sources, where the water contains beneficial mineral elements. Natural springs, fountains are their main sources. Apart from this, when this water is purified, then different mineral elements are added to it. Technically, this water is better in both taste and health. But its cost is also high. Generally, a bottle of mineral water is available in the market for a price of more than Rs.100.

Which is the best bottled water in India?

1. Bisleri

Everyone must have heard the name of Bisleri Bottle. Today it is one of the best-selling bottles in bottled water. Bisleri has been a household name for decades. It is the most trusted brand of mineral water in India. For the past 50 years, Bisleri has lived up to its promise of providing safe, pure, and healthy mineral water to its consumers.

Bisleri bottle is available in a 20-liter pack for home use, 5-liter pack for showroom, and 1-liter bottle for an individual as well as 2-liter pack for long-term consumption.

2. Kinley

The Kinley brand is also quite famous. Which is made by Coco-Cola Company. There are two types of drinks available. One is a packaged water bottle with reverse osmosis and the other is carbonated water with a variety of fruit flavors. 

A superb taste and huge Coca-Cola fan following made the brand experience instant success since its launch in the Indian market.

3. Aquafina

Aquafina is a bottled water brand produced by PepsiCo Company. It has become one of India’s leading packaged drinking water along with Kinley and Bisleri.

The brand claims to follow a rigorous purification process. It removes substances and substances that affect the taste and quality of water.

4. Bailey

Baileys is the bottled water manufactured by the brand Parle Agro. Baileys is the second most popular brand in the packaged drinking water category.

Bailey is liked by many people as drinking water in India. Bailey’s is known for the purity of each drop. Bailey’s products are available in various sizes, including 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 liter, 2 liter, as well as 5 liter and 20-liter jars. Bailey’s has tried to reinvent its brand personality in recent years.

5. Evocus

Evokes is an emerging packaged drinking water company that has managed to create a stir amongst the packaged drinking water consumers in India. Evokes is classified as premium water and ensures a pleasant, soulful experience for the consumer. Enriched with over 70 minerals, Evocus is alkaline and provides a refreshing feel to normal water.

6. Patanjali Divyajal

DivyaJal packaged drinking water was launched in India in 2017. And very quickly its product caught the attention of the people. It is from the house of Patanjali, the leader of Indian Ayurveda, and is highly sought after for its unique taste.

7. Alkaline

Alkaline is also a very well-known brand. It is counted under the premium water category. Premium-enhanced water works to restore the acid-alkaline balance in the consumer’s body. It is believed to be free from almost all artificial ingredients. Natural composition in our country is supposed to have a specific consumer base, which only seems to be growing.

8. SmartWater

Smart water is a very well-known company in the world. The brand is continuously improving the packaged drinking water. Vapor-distilled for smart water purity, the brand promises that it has tried to add electrolytes for a great taste. A smart hydration option for all occasions, Smart Water delivers the hydration to support everyday replenishment.

9. Himalayan

Himalayan Packaged Drinking Water is a well-known brand that is a venture between Tata and PepsiCo. Himalayan is known to be the only natural mineral water brand in India with international certification.

10. Qua

The Qua Water brand is operated by the Narang Group. Qua Water is premium natural mineral water and is bottled at the source and loaded with minerals.

We are also going to tell you the names of the best-packaged water bottles company in the world. Which you can see below.

Top 10 Water Bottle Companies in the World

  1. Aquafina
  2. Dasani
  3. Nestlé
  4. Danone
  5. Glaceau Smartwater
  6. Poland Spring
  7. Fiji Water
  8. Ozarka
  9. Perrier
  10. Évian

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