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Top 100+ Most Popular and Trending Instagram Hashtags

Trending Instagram Hashtags


Instagram is not only a fascinating socializing network but a powerful marketing tool. Its users depend on likes, comments, and attracting followers to build and maintain their credibility on the site. You can use several strategies to create a significantly large audience on Instagram, including content marketing and the trending Instagram hashtags. Hashtags have become a sensation on numerous social media sites due to their ability to reach many people in a short time.

Hashtags initially emerged on the internet in 2007. A San Diego resident, Nate Ridder, used the phrase #sandiegoonfire on his social messages to inform people about a fire in his locality. Since then, people have adopted the use of the # sign on other socializing platforms. For instance, in 2009, Twitter became the first social media site to embrace hashtags by hyperlinking any post that had the tag.

What Is an Instagram Hashtag?

Instagram hashtags are a combination of words, numbers, or emojis that start with the # sign. They are significantly essential as they categorize content according to specific topics. Instagram has approximately 1.16 billion account holders; hence, the signs are effective in filtering their posts.

Instagram hashtags are in hyperlink form. Clicking on one redirects you to the page containing all stories that the hashtag has tagged. Millions of brands and other Instagram users utilize this strategy to stand out on the platform. Therefore, hashtags help in attracting a potential online audience who click on the signs seeking relevant content.

Why should I use an Instagram hashtag?

Instagram hashtags can boost your presence and authority on the platform. Using the appropriate hashtags will put your business or brand in Instagram’s limelight and win you a massive following.

Here are several reasons why you should use an Instagram hashtag:

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Instagram Algorithm

Hashtags are effective in boosting your content’s rank on the Instagram algorithm. The algorithm consists of several rules that determine how visible your posts will be on the platform. It also utilizes six factors, including relationship, interest, usage, following, frequency, and posting time to gauge your content’s authority. With the right hashtags, your posts will have a higher ranking. Thus, they will be more discoverable to potential and current followers.

Brand Building

Instagram hashtags are undoubtedly a perfect way to create brand awareness. Since they help Instagram to group content, the hashtags will enable people whose interests match your brand to follow you. Having unique hashtags that relate to your brand’s identity also leave a long-lasting effect on your online audience. You can also use your business name as a hashtag to create a solid relationship with your followers.

Inexpensive Marketing Tool

Using Instagram hashtags as a marketing tool does not require a lot of investment. For this reason, even small brands or upcoming entrepreneurs can rely on the strategy to win potential followers on clients. You only have to source for appealing and relevant hashtags to get started. You also have to post valuable content on the site regularly to maintain large online traffic.

Audience Interactions

Recent statistics show that Instagram posts with at least one hashtag encouraged more interactions than those without. It sounds interesting, right? Brands use hashtags avidly to engage their followers in their posts.

Some Instagram users and influencers also use hashtags to feature their fans (followers) on their feed. For instance, Nike Los Angeles engaged local people through its #playinside hashtag as it featured them doing in-door workout activities. Punky also initiated follower interactions via its #punkyhair tag. Hence, the followers and influencers were excited about Punky featuring their photos donning their products on later posts.

How to Use Instagram Hashtags

Are you wondering how all this Instagram hashtag stuff works? Well, using the perfect tag can boost your brand big time, while a poor one can be detrimental. To get it all right, use hashtags that are relevant to your business and also trigger interest in the online audience.

Here are some hashtag categories that you might consider:

  1. Branded hashtags –are specific to individual brands or businesses.
  2. Product or services hashtags –use keywords that describe a particular product or service.
  3. Instagram community hashtags – best for attracting followers that support your brand.
  4. Industry niche hashtags – point out specific niches, such as travel or fashion.
  5. Seasonal hashtags –refer to specific occasions or seasons.

Popular and Trending Instagram Hashtags

Here are the most popular and trending Instagram hashtags:

  1. #love
  2. #instagood
  3. #photooftheday
  4. #fashion
  5. #beautiful
  6. #happy
  7. #cute
  8.  #tbt
  9.  #like4like
  10.  #followme
  11.  #picoftheday
  12.  #follow
  13.  #me
  14.  #selfie
  15.  #summer
  16.  #art
  17.  #instadaily
  18.  #friends
  19.  #repost
  20.  #nature
  21.  #girl
  22.  #fun
  23.  #style
  24.  #smile
  25.  #food
  26.  #instalike
  27.  #likeforlike
  28.  #family
  29.  #travel
  30.  #fitness
  31.  #igers
  32.  #tagsforlikes
  33.  #follow4follow
  34.  #nofilter
  35.  #life
  36.  #beauty
  37.  #amazing
  38.  #instamood
  39.  #instagram
  40.  #photography
  41.  #vscocam
  42.  #sun
  43.  #photo
  44.  #music
  45.  #beach
  46.  #followforfollow
  47.  #bestoftheday
  48.  #sky
  49.  #ootd
  50.  #sunset
  51.  #dog
  52.  #vsco
  53.  #l4l
  54.  #makeup
  55.  #f4f
  56.  #foodporn
  57.  #hair
  58.  #pretty
  59.  #swag
  60.  #cat
  61.  #model
  62.  #motivation
  63.  #girls
  64.  #baby
  65.  #party
  66.  #cool
  67.  #lol
  68.  #gym
  69.  #design
  70.  #instapic
  71.  #funny
  72.  #healthy
  73.  #night
  74.  #tflers
  75.  #yummy
  76.  #flowers
  77.  #lifestyle
  78.  #hot
  79.  #instafood
  80.  #wedding
  81.  #fit
  82.  #handmade
  83.  #black
  84.  #pink
  85.  #일상
  86.  #blue
  87.  #work
  88.  #workout
  89.  #blackandwhite
  90.  #drawing
  91.  #inspiration
  92.  #home
  93.  #holiday
  94.  #christmas
  95.  #nyc
  96.  #london
  97.  #sea
  98.  #instacool
  99.  #goodmorning

     100. #iphoneonly


Today’s businesses rely on their online presence to attract potential customers. It doesn’t matter whether you are an upcoming brand or a veteran in the industry. Don’t get stuck on how to share your products or services with the world. Instagram marketing is the way to go for almost all commercial ventures. Using Instagram hashtags is an ideal strategy to build and maintain authority on the platform.

To utilize hashtags effectively:

  • Research widely.
  • Know the suitable number of tags to use.
  • Place them in the right places, such as Instagram stories, Reels, captions, videos, and profile bio.
  • Use analysis tools to track your hashtags’ performance.

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