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Top 7 Best Trading Apps in India

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Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEB) – Regulates and streamlines Indian stock markets.

Stock exchanges; Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the National Stock Exchange (NSE) – Facilitate stock trading. BSE utilizes the Sensex as its index while the NSE uses Nifty.

Stockbrokers – Are intermediaries who trade on behalf of the traders for commissions.

Investors and traders – Investors buy stocks from companies to become part-owners while traders purchase and sell these equities.

The Indian stock marketplace has two types of markets. In the Primary Market, companies initially list their shares through an Initial Public Offering (IPO) for investors to bid and purchase them. In the Secondary Market, companies enter the stock market to trade their shares. It is an avenue where buyers and sellers interact freely.

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How to Trade Online and Earn Profits

Are you interested in investing in the Indian stock market? Technological advancements have revolutionized how people trade in stock markets. You don’t have to rely on newspapers for information about the stock market as you can get the latest updates and trade conveniently on the internet.

Before you dive into online stock trading, here are a few tips:

  • Research thoroughly on different websites to learn the basics of the stock market. You can also read a few books, including “Beating the Street,” “The Intelligent Investor,” and “One Up on Wall Street.”
  • Find the right kind of stock to invest in.
  • Create a dummy portfolio (a collection of stocks) to learn how to maximize profits and reduce risks with your shares.
  • Track your stocks of interest in the stock market for a month to know their dynamics.

After familiarizing yourself with the stock market dynamics, you can follow the steps when starting online trading:

  • Find a Stockbroker– Choose a registered and reliable stockbroker to buy and sell shares on your behalf. Also, consider their charges. Popular Indian stock brokers include Kotak Securities, Sharekhan, and Zerodha.
  • Open a Savings account– Crucial in managing your savings from the stock market.
  • Open Demat and Trading accounts– You can open the accounts from a bank or through an online stock broker by filling in the forms with the required details. After creating both accounts, log in and deposit some money to start trading.
  • View Stock details and start trading– Analyze stock details such as shares’ historical prices and charts before you trade. After identifying your preferred shares, invest in them.

Note: With smart trading strategies and the right financial knowledge, you will earn vast profits in the stock market!

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Top Trading Apps in India

Many broking houses in India are now offering trading apps to facilitate mobile trading. While choosing the perfect mobile trading app, you must consider its ease of use, features, cover cost, account opening processes, ratings, and reviews.

Here’s a list of the top-ranking mobile trading apps in India:


Zerodha Kite app has the best features compared to other trading apps. It provides the latest stock market updates and allows you to track and manage your portfolio in real-time. Zerodha has a simple account opening process and a friendly user interface. You will also enjoy zero brokerage charges on Zerodha. You can access over 10 years’ historical prices, create unlimited personalized watchlists, and directly trade from the charts. The app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.


The Upstox Pro app has a universal search tool where you can find numerous stocks. The app has multiple chart intervals, types, and drawing styles. Like Zerodha, you can trade directly from the charts, have unlimited watchlists, and access historical data from the past 10 years. However, Upstox has complicated navigation, some unnecessary features, and is not ideal for beginners.

Angel Broking

Angel Broking is a high-speed trading app that guarantees fast performance. The app has gained credibility with over 30 years of trading experience. Angel Broking offers various financial instruments, including brokerage, insurance, and mutual funds. You can get live market updates, intraday charts, and multiple index prices in real-time. However, Angel Broking has relatively high brokerage charges, a dull interface, and is a heavy-weight application.

Motilal Oswal (MOSL)

The Motilal Oswal app has one of the best technologies and unique trading tools. MOSL offers sound guidance on the stock market due to its intense stock research. The app provides real-time tools to monitor your portfolio and make good investment decisions. You can also conveniently login to your account and enjoy secured trading. Nevertheless, MOSL has high brokerage charges due to its full services model.  


Sharekhan trading app is among the leading apps due to its high-quality performance. Sharekhan has existed in the market for a long time; hence, ensures user security. Among Sharekhan’s unique features are its enhanced live charts, financial data, and a multi-type orders option. The app also allows you to modify your SIPs at any time. However, you cannot view your ledge balance or place an After Market Order (AMO) on the app.


5paisa app is one of the mobile trading apps that have no registration requirements. Hence, you can log in as a guest and enjoy the app’s features. 5paisa is ideal for beginners due to its easy account opening method and friendly user interface. Its auto investor feature enables users to customize their portfolios. The app has low brokerage fees and a five-paisa-free account.


A Bangalore-based company, Fyers is one of the latest stock brokers. Flyersbest trading app has outstanding features, including an options calculator, indicator templates, historical intraday charts for over nine months, multiple watchlists, heat maps, and stock screeners. However, the app lacks regular updates and a price alert feature.


The Indian stock market is currently blooming; thus, opening opportunities for local and foreign investors. You can now trade in stocks over the internet, thanks to various trading apps at your disposal.

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