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Valentines’ Day Dressing/Color Code

Valentines' Day Dressing/Color Code

People who are deeply in love consider Valentine’s Day as an auspicious occasion. Usually, we have tight schedules and forget to cherish our lovers. It is crucial to appreciate our loved ones as well as gifting them. Most people view the eve of Valentine’s Day as a moment to express feelings to their loved ones. The event is celebrated with joy and happiness, with lovers embarking on dates with their respective Valentines.

On this day, everyone wants to feel and look good to impress their lovers or crush. To enhance your looks, there are specific dressing codes you can follow.  The colors are a symbolic way to express your current relationship status. This article will discuss the various dress codes for Valentine’s Day.

What to Wear on Valentine’s Day?

Day dresses

 If you are coming off from work or planning a low-key evening date, then a versatile day dress is great to wear on Valentine’s Day. A pretty shift dress, flattering maxi dress, or casual mini dress might be great selections. Even if it might be chilly outside, you should excuse yourself on this day and wear a bright and memorable outfit. Choose a red-shaded, purple tone, or dark pink lipstick to enhance your looks.

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Jeans and a nice top

 A lovely dress is usually a good option for a date night, but pairing jeans with a stylish top can make an equally comfortable and warm dressy look, especially if you have planned for a casual night. A dark pair of jeans plus a sequin top will add to your sparkling. If you dislike sequins, a red velvet top will be a great alternative.

Day shoes

 If you will be walking most of the day, chose hassle-free daytime wear. For instance, a pair of block heels or slingbacks. Mid-heel court shoes might also be a great choice. Whether dressing up or down, the types of shoes mentioned earlier are stylish and comfortable and a great accompaniment to most outfits. Wearing the wrong pair of shoes may ruin your looks, so wear nice shoes to avoid this.

Date night dresses

 If you would like to show off your figure on Valentine’s Day, choose a dressy bodycon dress. You can decide to go for a color block number, a classic black style, or a bold shade such as burgundy. If you do not like bodycon, a bar-dot dress might sound like a suitable alternative as it puts the spotlight firmly over your shoulders. A bar-dot dress will perfectly frame your body regardless of the length you choose.

Night shoes

 After choosing your ideal dress, you will need a perfect pair of shoes to match the outfit. A pair of court shoes match perfectly with most dresses. A daring leopard print style will make you noticeable, although definitely, a classic black pair will also be impactful. If you are dressing ideally for the occasion, a pair of strappy red heels should be your first choice.


 The right accessories can be worn with any outfit, but Valentine’s Day-inspired ones sound like a great choice. For example, a heart-shaped bag will be cute to jazz up your look, while statement earrings will add to your outfit’s elegance. Heart-shaped earrings or bright gemstones will result in maximum impact. Wear an impressive slogan necklace to add a playful touch.


You should treat yourself and your loved one to some sexy lingerie on this lover’s day. If you plan to be out most of the day, wear sexy and comfortable innerwear. However, if you plan to go for a quick change just before the evening ends, sexy lingerie will do great. Whether you wear a classic satin baby-doll set or a lovely lace bodysuit, well-chosen lingerie will surely bring you a perfect time with your lover.

Why choose a different dress code on Valentine’s Day?

The dress you wear on Valentine’s Day helps you to express whether you are taken, available, or already booked even without you doing the talking. Your dress code indicates your status or mood as an individual or as a couple. Noting your Valentine’s Day dress color code clears the air and sends certain emotions around. Every color you wear on Valentine’s Day will indicate something like love, approval, rejection, status pending, among others.

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Valentine’s Day color codes

  1. Blue – Wearing a blue outfit on lover’s day indicates that you are single and searching for a life partner. Wearing a blue dress will give a clue that you are freely accepting proposals.
  2. Green – At times, you might have sent a love proposal to someone only to be told to wait for a reply. Regarding matters to do with love, waiting may seem like an exciting and romantic thing to do. Wearing a green outfit on Valentine’s Day will let your loved one know that you are still waiting for a reply.
  3. Red – Since Red symbolizes romance, most of the things related to love will typically be red. Wearing a red item will mean that you are already in love. Couples always prefer wearing red clothes on this day to express their relationship.
  4. Black – It is the most hurtful Valentine’s Day dress color code as it indicates rejection of your proposal. Wearing a black outfit on this day will be a subtle way of telling people that your proposal has been rejected. However, it can also be a great way of telling people that you are single and ready to mingle.
  5. While – Wearing a white outfit on lovers’ day indicates that your love is reserved for hot hunks or sexy lasses.
  6. Orange – Wearing orange on Valentine’s Day gives a clue that you will propose to your crush.
  7. Pink – The cuteness of this color expresses that you have already accepted a proposal with no terms and conditions.
  8. Grey/Purple – Wearing these two colors on Valentine’s Day indicates your lack of interest in accepting any proposal. However, the colors also mean that you can reconsider the request later if proposed again.
  9. Yellow – A yellow outfit is ideal for wearing if you have broken up with your lover. However, wearing this color invites other proposals.
  10. Brown – It is the saddest Valentine’s Day color to wear since it indicates a broken heart. Wear it only if your heart is broken.


On Valentine’s Day, it is crucial to choose your dress colors accordingly to not fit in the wrong category. Manipulating the colors of your Valentine’s Day dress can give an irrelevant impression regarding our love lives. It is ethical to wear accordingly on this day to give out an honest expression about your status.

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