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Want to Watch Free TV Shows Online? list of the Best Websites

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If you are a TV lover, you might now be aware that you can watch television shows online. Thanks to the internet and technological advancement, TV viewing has transformed into a convenient experience. You no longer have to budget for hefty monthly subscriptions or wait for a scheduled time to watch your favorite program. Nowadays, you can enjoy tons of TV shows at any time, wherever you are, and on your preferred device.

So, how do you stream TV shows for free?

Gone are the days when you would struggle with TV streaming due to slow internet connections, poor video quality, and streaming devices’ limitations. Currently, TV networks are providing a vast collection of high-quality content on various websites. While some like FOX, CBC, ABC, and BBC have on-demand services that require subscriptions; you can also find other free streaming sites to watch TV shows.

The online space has numerous websites where you can stream free TV shows and series and watch full episodes without downloading. You can access the sites from your smart TV, Firestick, Android TV, PC, or smartphone. Moreover, you may integrate add-ons to enhance your streaming adventure. While watching TV online for free is a thrilling experience, it may also be risky due to your information’s exposure to hackers and cybercriminals. Therefore, you can consider using VPN services to boost your privacy and security.

Now, let’s have a look at the top-ranking websites to stream free TV shows online.

1. fixture.to

Are you an avid cord-cutter who enjoys watching TV shows online? The fixture offers one of the most convenient TV streaming experiences at no cost. Apart from minimum ad annoyance, the site has a friendly user interface, and an in-built search engine to enhance your navigation. Flixton is a hub of numerous and high-quality TV shows and movies that you can watch on any streaming device. The website also has a play-back option, allowing you to retrieve a preferred TV program. You may also choose to subscribe to Flixtor’s premium package to enjoy more benefits.

2. Popcornflix

If you are looking for a legal and hassle-free way to stream your favorite TV shows or series, Popcornflix is the perfect site to visit. The website has gained popularity in recent years due to its outstanding features. For instance, Popcornflix has several content categories, limited ad annoyance, an easy-to-use interface, and no sign-up requirements. You can choose your desired programs from a diverse genre selection, including Drama, Comedy, Sci-fi, Horror, Classics, and Action.

Popcornflix has an ad-blocker feature that allows you to watch shows without any ad interruptions. Apart from its compatibility with Android and iOS devices, Popcornflix is also available as an application.

3. Pluto TV

Television lovers have rated Pluto TV as a leading site to stream TV shows for free. The website resembles a regular TV where you can hover over the channel list and choose your program of choice. Pluto TV has several stations that broadcast sports, news, soaps, lifestyle, and music shows.  The streaming site’s straightforward interface enables you to navigate the menu without breaking a sweat. You can also enjoy Pluto TV’s content by installing the app version on your streaming device.

4. WatchSeries

If you are a die-hard fan of series and love binge TV watching, WatchSeries is a perfect choice. The site boasts of a vast database of free series and TV shows, including Anime and Drama. WatchSeries’ website has an appealing maroon-white theme with neatly arranged content. Moreover, its uncomplicated interface ensures stress-free navigation. One of WatchSeries’ unique features is the availability of several servers, and you can choose a different one for each new episode. You can also create a playlist of all your favorite episodes to ease your streaming adventure.

5. Tubi TV

Despite its late arrival, Tubi TV is emerging as one of the top free TV streaming sites. The website has a library of thousands of TV shows and movies. However, you need to sign up for an account to access Tubi TV’s content at no cost. The website is not VPN-friendly but works with split tunneling. You can also enjoy watching online TV by installing Tubi TV’s app on any streaming device.

6. Project Free TV

Are you looking for a premium TV streaming experience at no cost? As the name suggests, Project free TV offers high-quality content for free. You can, therefore, stream your favorite TV shows from its vast collection. The website supports videos in 720p and 1080p qualities. Project-free TV also keeps you up-to-date with the latest entertainment news by providing regular notifications of the latest releases.

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7. Soap2day.to

Soap2Day is among the best websites to 2 watch free TV shows. Due to its various attractive features, the site has garnered approximately 500,000 monthly visitors. You will find tons of high-quality TV programs and series on this site for free. Soap2Day also provides filtering options to ease your selection. You can search for content by genre, popularity, IMDb ratings, or year of release. You require no registration when accessing Soap2Day.

8. IMDb TV

Apart from providing movie and TV show ratings, IMDb is also a popular free streaming site for movies and TV shows. IMDb is an Amazon product with a wide collection of high-quality content. You will find IMDb’s original shows, TV programs, movies, and documentaries on this incredible website. However, IMDb’s content is only restricted to US-based users, and the site does not support VPN services.

9. Vudu

If you are looking for a convenient video-on-demand streaming site, Vudu can be a good solution. The free streaming website consists of numerous TV shows and movies. You require no account or registration to enjoy Vudu’s services. Moreover, the content is also accessible in the app version that you can install on various devices. You don’t have to worry about ad interruptions as Vudu allows minimum ad annoyance. However, the site is not VPN-friendly.

10. Solarmovie

Despite being new in the market, Solarmovie has accumulated approximately 520,000 monthly visitors. Solarmovie is currently among the top-ranking free TV shows websites. Among its attractive features is the massive collection of TV programs and movies at no cost. The site is also compatible with several devices and supports VPN services. However, your streaming experience may have interruptions from pop-ups and annoying ads.

11. Vumoo

Like Flixtor, Vumoo has various exciting features such as a playback option, minimal ad annoyance, content selection, and a straightforward user interface. The website offers free streaming services for TV shows and movies. Vimeo’s interface resembles that of Netflix due to its clutter-free content arrangement. You also don’t have to worry about your privacy or security while streaming on the site as it supports VPN.

12. Crackle

If you are looking for an alternative site to Vudu, Crackle is among the top VOD service providers. Crackle is a product of the renowned Sony Pictures that provides high-quality TV shows and movies for free. You can select your preferred content from several categories, including Drama, Fiction, Action, and Comedy. Sony Crackle has no registration requirements; thus, you can access free services without signing up. Crackle’s app version is compatible with many streaming devices. However, the website is geo-restricted to around 21 countries and has annoying ads and pop-ups.

13. Xumo TV

Xumo TV is an all-inclusive free streaming website. Apart from TV shows and movies, the platform has an added content category of Live TV channels. You can enjoy tons of free programs on Xumo TV conveniently despite the site being ad-supported. Moreover, Xumo TV has play-back options to let you re-watch your favorite programs. You can also use the Xumo TV app to stream content by installing it on any device. However, the website is not VPN-friendly.

14. Yidio

Do you find on-demand streaming services too costly? Yidio provides high-quality and premium content that you will find on sites like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon for free. However, you must sign up to create an account to stream them. You can also personalize your account to track TV shows. The website is more of a search engine as it enables you to find any free TV show or movie online. Among Yidio’s shortcomings are its limited content and ad annoyance.

15. Tinyzone TV

Last but not least, Tinyzone TV is another leading free streaming site. The website has a diverse selection of high-quality TV shows and movies. Tinyzone TV’s unique features include; an uncomplicated user interface, subtitle integration, quality streaming links, and a massive content selection. You will enjoy a hassle-free streaming experience, as Tinyzone TV has limited ads and pop-ups. Moreover, you can secure your site visits by integrating a VPN on your streaming device.


TV streaming has never been easier and flexible! The websites in this article provide the best platforms to watch full episodes of TV shows and series for free. You no longer have to get bored at home or wherever you are as entertainment is now at your fingertips.

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