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Why can you get chest pain from smoking marijuana?

Why can you get chest pain from smoking marijuana?

What is Marijuana? 

Marijuana is also known as Weed, Herd, Pot, grass, bud, ganja, Mary Jane, and many other slang terms. It is a gray-greenish mixture of the dried flower of Cannabis sativa. 

How people smoke Marijuana 

Some people smoke marijuana in hand-rolled cigarettes, which are known as joints. Some people smoke in pipes or water pipes (called Bongs) or in the form of Blunts (Cigar wraps with the filling of Marijuana). 

Marijuana is also used to brew tea and is also mainly sold or consumed for medicinal purposes when prescribed by the Doctor is frequently mixed with the foods like Brownies, Cookies, Candies Etc. 

The more potent doses of Marijuana include Sinsemilla( from predominantly female plants) and the concentrated resins, which contain high doses of Marijuana’s active ingredient, including honey-like hash oil, Waxy budder, and hard amberlike shatter. The resins are mainly popular among those people who use marijuana both recreationally and Medically. 

Now let’s discuss that why one can get chest pain after smoking Marijuana. 

If you are experiencing chest pain right after smoking weed. 

First Thing first, Don’t panic. 

There are plenty of reasons why you may notice pain in your Chest right after smoking Marijuana that can be from taking too big of a hit to inhaling tar, resin, or mold, or the anxiety-producing strains in your chest can even cause it.

So, let’s have a look over the 4 Reasons you may be experiencing chest pain from smoking marijuana and How you can get rid of it!

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1• Chest Pain From Smoking Weed – TAR and RESIN 

Let me ask you a question are you familiar with resin and tar from weed smoke? The build-up in your lungs begins from the very first moment when you initiate the first hit of your marijuana. For, e.g., If you look at a brand new bong after you smoke your first bowl, You will be able to see the Tar and Resin buildup quickly. The same thing happens with your lungs. 

Tar and resin buildup can and cause a very heavy, uncomfortable feeling in the area of your lungs and chest. Additionally, if you are experiencing the problems like asthma or any other similar pain like it, tar and resin can cause lung irritation and lead to a cough attack. 

To prevent the Tar and resin from building up in your chest and lungs, you must make sure that you are using a triple carbon marijuana filter while hitting the joints, blunts, bongs, and weed vape pens. 

Many people claimed that using these weed filters has helped control coughing and lung irritation. Not only that, but now they are experiencing Good and healthy breathing after hitting the marijuana. 

2• Chest Hurts After Smoking Weed- Mold in Weed

Moldy Weed can be the other reason that why you are experiencing chest pain after smoking Weed. Mold in weed has mainly been found in midgrade weed or unregulated recreational marijuana. So, if you are continually purchasing premium Cannabis, this probably can’t be the reason for your chest pain.  But there have been traces of mold found in the premium weed too. Marijuana is a plant; it is alive, which means it can harbor mold. 

You can quickly identify the moldy weed as a fuzzy white film, which you might have seen on fruit as well. If you ever found mold in a weed, You have to keep it there and find a better source that sells top in the weed.

3• Chest Pain From Smoking Too Much Leads To Anxiety And Panic Attack

In smaller doses, Marijuana activates the sympathetic nervous system. Heart rate and blood pressure will get a boost, and oxygen flow to the heart muscle will be a little restricted. It is expected that you will feel that you are having a tough time breathing, but this never means that you are not breathing at all.

The restriction on breathing can increase the chances of getting a panic attack, especially if you have anxiety as an underlying issue. The high chance of getting a panic attack is because when your heart rate increases, it gets challenging to take a full deep breath, due to which a person receives panic. Also, certain types of marijuana strains are known to increase the person’s anxiety- stay alert from those. 

If the shortness of breath ever happens to you, Don’t panic. This is very common and can be helped by inhaling your breath for 5 seconds and exhaling for 5 seconds. If you try this for 5 breaths, you will surely notice that your breathing is improving, and the shortness of breath will disappear. 

 Smoking too much if your body isn’t build to that level of tolerance can also be the factor in the increase of anxiety and panic attacks. Just make sure that what your body can handle and how much it can tolerate.

Marijuana Chest Pain- Holding In Weed Too Long 

Another reason you are experiencing chest pain after smoking marijuana is from holding the tar or resins in a rip for too long. The amount of THC absorbed in your lungs is done right after being within the first second of touching your lungs.  The More you will hold in a hit, The longer you will reduce your brain of oxygen, Which can quickly lead to a panic attack. Make sure that you understand how to inhale the smoke of your lungs in a proper way.

Other issues that arise can be much riskier and require enough medical attention that may not have to do with smoking marijuana in the first place.

If you want to learn or spot the basic difference between minor chest pains from smoking and more severe chest pains that can occur because of smoking marijuana may require seeking a health care physician. 

When You need to worry About Chest Pain After Smoking Marijuana 

It can be a terrible thing when you experience Chest pain after smoking weed, especially If you have never experienced the pain before or are new to initiating smoking weed. 

It is very common to feel pain in the chest when you inhale smoke, anything like cigarettes, Cigar, etc., not just cannabis. The shorten of breath, or the irritation to the lungs leads to pain or coughing.

However, there are apparent signs of many critical health concerns that may not be related to marijuana, Weed, Blunts, etc., in such cases. It is advisable to call a health care physician or to visit them once.

Is It Weed That Is Causing My Chest Pain?

No matter what, Smoking anything, whether it’s marijuana or tobacco, Can cause severe chest pains. This can be due to a foreign substance (smoke) that is infiltrating your chest and lungs. The Smoke irritates the lungs, which can cause coughing or heavy breathing. Coughing is the attempt of your body to get your lungs rid of the foreign smoke. 

Slight Chest pain from coughing fit is widespread.

But you have to visit your doctor if you experience any of the following symptoms, which are mentioned below:-

  • If you ever feel intense chest pains.
  • If you experience chest pain after hitting the Gym or any other type of Exercise.
  • Sudden chest pains emerge out of nowhere.
  • If the chest pain is longer than 15minutes.
  • If the pain of your chest spread to other parts of the body like (Jaw, Upper back, Left arm, shoulder, etc.) 
  •  If you experience chest pain in addition to heart pains, Shortness of breath, Overheating, etc.

The uplisted symptoms are the signs of more critical issues going on with your body and need an immediate consultation with the physician.

Why is there Shortness of Breath From Smoking Marijuana? 

As the inhaling of smoke from weed directly goes to the lungs. Then The smoke from the lungs gets absorbed into the bloodstream. Once it gets into the bloodstream, Smoke and its strains are distributed throughout the veins, passing into the heart and brain.

When the smoke is entered into the bloodstream, every cell is touched and gets affected.

After the Whole body is getting affected by the smoke of marijuana, it can cause severe symptoms like panic attacks. These anxiety attacks may increase the risk of shortness of breath. 

When your blood pressure increases after smoking marijuana, it reduces the chance of catching a deep breath and produces shortness of breath. 

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 There can be minor chest issues after smoking marijuana or weed-like shortness of breath, Overheating, Increased Blood pressure, etc. There are no common signs you can experience after hitting the marijuana, leading to critical issues that require medical attention. 

Don’t normalize chest pains after smoking marijuana; if you are experiencing more severe conditions, it is recommended to visit a doctor or physician to get treated well.

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